Collasus: Sister City Mix

Recently I came across this intesting project from Collasus: Office for Collaborative Sustainability.

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Since June 27, 1967, Berlin has been the sister city of Los Angeles. Officially the purpose of this pairing was to “advance the relationship in every possible way between the two prominent cities: culturally, intellectually, commercially and socially.” [1] Continuing in the spirit of collaboration and cross cultural exchange we asked our friends, and colleagues operating out of Berlin and Los Angeles to submit audio recordings of their choice. The result is a mix of homemade recordings created in a wide range of contexts. Some of these recordings were made by human beings who identify as musicians, while still others might feel more comfortable identifying as school teachers, visual artists, carpenters, lawyers, anti-preneurs, or even sphinx. Please enjoy the music! – Ben Noam


“Lay It Down” by Cally Robertson 3:10
“West Coast Makeout Scene” by Jon Mandabach 0:48
“My Daddy’s Favorite Suit” by Conor Thompson 3:49
“3.26″ by Jon Mandabach 1:58
“The Secret Cover” by Olympia 2:20
“The Coldest Place” by Peacho Noe 4:19
“Her Equestrian Past” by Snakebraid 5:52
“Synth Chief” by Science 3:23
“Forever” by Olympia 2:23
“Land of Girls” by Dan Bodan 3:46
“Rough Wolf” by Jon Mandabach 1:24
“Circus Transition” by Jon Mandabach 1:22
“Piano Interlude” by Peacho Noe 4:52
“Decadent Party Cave” by Labanna Bly 5:25
“Wacka Flocka” by Samo Sound Boy 4:27
“Sexual Diaspora” by Gemeine Gesteine 4:40

[1] – Rosemarie Reisch, Chairperson, Sister City Commitee

“Sister City Mix: Berlin x Los Angeles” by Collasus, 2010.
Project Text by Ben Noam.

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