TUPAJUMI FITAX1500: Trade Art for Art

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Collecting Loving Artist?
Art Loving Collector?

Grimmuseum is teaming up with Tupajumi Foundation to organize the First International Tupajumi Art eXchange (a.k.a. FITAX1500) in Berlin as an epilogue to the Gallery Weekend. Trade art for art – no money, no credit.

The goal of the event is the direct exchange of art works between collectors (or collecting artists) without any intermediaries. There will be 50 participants, a mix of artists and collectors, invited by Grimmuseum or selected by Tupajumi after a sign up. The artworks can be made by the artist or other works owned by artists/collectors and have an approximate value of 1,500 euro.


Send a brief email with the details of the suggested work to info@grimmuseum.com until April 24, 2011.
Include: title, year, dimensions, medium, and ownership credits.
Please note that we will get back to you only in case of interest.

– Text from Grimmuseum newsletter

Ben Kruisdijk - tupajumi foundation 1

Ben Kruisdijk

Simon Schrikker - tupajumi foundation 3

Simon Schrikker


Additional Information

FITAX1500- Trade Art for Art
Application deadline: April 24, 2011
Event opening: May 1, 17-22h


Blog Entry by SP Williams – in Berlin; Wednesday, April 20, 2011.

SP Williams is a painter living and working in Berlin.

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