DONATA BENKER: Zwischen Hier und Gleich

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Donata Benker’s understanding of landscape is universal in its nature: it includes presence and absence of people, animals, objects, natural and artificial places. Over and over again, apparently recognizable places or objects appear in her paintings and offer the viewer – at first sight – an associative access to her figurative world. However, once we review the components of this figurative world, while we are looking at the painting, they break loose from habitual and expected associative mindsets and start to create a landscape reigned by its own rules. This precise observation, without judgment, aimed solely at registering what she sees – that is the consensus of her paintings. I don’t know who said this: “The real journey is not seeking for new landscapes but to gain new perspectives.” This statement holds true for Donata Benker’s paintings. In the class catalogue “Pavilion 15” she describes her work: “A landscape is much more than just a place: it is rhythm, movement, color, light. With all its voices, it tells about things I have no words for. My paintings try to approach the space behind the landscape that eludes our direct view.”

– Text from Prof. Thomas Hartmann from Donata Benker’s website



Additional Information

Janine Bean Gallery
Donata Benker – zwischen hier und gleich
Opening Reception: April 28, 6 – 9pm
Show runs from April 29, 2011 to June 25, 2011


Blog Entry by SP Williams – in Berlin; Wednesday, April 27, 2011.

SP Williams is a painter living and working in Berlin.

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