CALLING all Artists to The Displacement Workshop

The “artistic” collage technique appeared in the beginning of the 1900s and got spread as a revolutionary tool both in art and political propaganda. From dadaism to punk, collage has been associated with conflicting systems of beliefs. More recently, collage has become synonym with post-modernism, as a pluralist and associative language that suits the continuous hybridization of contemporary culture. “Cutting”, “copying” and “pasting” from multi-layered interfaces is part of our daily life, and a condition to perception in general.

In The Displacement Workshop we will be debating and practicing collage. Moderated by Berlin-based artist Antonio Sobral, The Displacement Workshop encourages all artist participants to bring the tools of the specific media they want to work with. Those who don’t have experience in the art field are also welcome, and can expect to find some nice cut-outs to play!

First, we will take an overview of the history of collage and see some of its contemporary expressions. Then there will be a discussion and practicing of collage (as a concept rather than a technique).
In the end we will articulate and assemble everything created during this workshop in a collective installation set-up.

The workshop will take place at Agora, the multi-disciplinary gathering space of professionals, over three days: December 15, 16, and 17, 2011, from 5 to 10 pm


Day 1
Intro: collage as a concept
Overview of the history of collage
Basic techniques / Workflows (short discussion)
Collage practice

Day 2
Contemporary collage expressions
Collage practice

Day 3
Collage practice
Collective installation / Set-up

Again, each participant is encouraged to make his or her own choices regarding media, as we will be working with collage in an expanded field (installation, video, photography, “collage”, drawing, etc). Please bring the specific tools you want to work with. We will have glue and cut-outs available. (please bring scissors). Books, magazines, rulers, scissors, blades and papers/cardboards are never enough!

45 euros for the 3 days

For practical and creative reasons, the workshop will only take place if we have a minimum of 7 students; we thank you for understanding.
To apply please send an email expressing interest to


Additional Information

Antonio Sobral

Antonio Sobral studied cinema at the Sorbonne university in Paris. Meanwhile, he assisted
artists such as Adriana Varejão and James Brown. After his studies he moved to São Paulo,
where he started to work “officially” as an artist. Having worked in different media, such as
film and painting, Antonio has adopted the collage technique as his main artistic practice.
His artwork was featured in several exhibitions between Paris, São Paulo and Berlin, where
he’s been living for the last two and a half years.


Agora is a multi-disciplinary gathering space of professionals, driven by the urge to explore new ways of interaction in today’s context. Seeking the balance between individuality and collectiveness. Individuals practicing and sharing their skills, providing to the collective a network, where connections are highly encouraged and facilitated resulting in a meaningful proactive community.
Mittelweg 50 (click here for map)


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