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Berlin Art Link Blog, Dora Budor, New Lavoro (2013), Courtesy of Dora Budor.Dora Budor, New Lavoro (2013), Courtesy of Dora Budor

Born in communist Yugoslavia, then moving to the independent state of Croatia, Dora Budor is now residing in the United States. The different political situations that she experienced throughout her life have had a strong influence on her work. After initiating Architectural Studies at the University of Zagreb she continued a Masters degree of Arts in Design influencing her later artistic production. Before taking a turn towards the art scene she worked as a designer. Here she became familiar with and developed her skills in branding and advertisement.

After meeting Maja Cule in design school they both took the decision to move to New York where they worked on different design projects. Together they grew an interest towards fine art, developing into several collaborations. Dora and Maja’s shared views resulted in art works that juxtaposed images of parallel realities, creating a sense of discomfort in the viewer. They were not interested in the materiality of the object; instead they recorded the process of construction to later destroy the art piece.

This year, after the duo decided to follow their own solo careers, Dora Budor presented her latest work at the 55th Venice Biennale. There she created New Lavoro, parodying the concept of T.V. reality shows. The participants, all artists, are asked to present their creative skills throughout seven different contests. Four episodes of the show were on view at the biennale in Palazzo Peckham. Apart from the screenings she also invited a series of artists to represent some of their work within the installation of the New Lavoro cafe.

Berlin Art Link blog Dora Budor reality TV show New Lavaro for the contemporary art worldDora Budor, New Lavoro (2013), Courtesy of Dora Budor


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Blog entry by Alexandra Borrás in Berlin; Thursday, Jul. 25, 2013.

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