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In it’s seventh year, Cyberfest was launched in Berlin last week to celebrate up and coming and established new media artists at THE WYE and Platoon Kunsthalle. With a programme curated by Anna Frants and Marina Koldobskaya, Cyberfest included work ranging from performances to sound art, together with new media installations divided into two different exhibitions, Paradigm Shift and Capital of Nowhere. One small room at THE WYE was dedicated to a looped film screening that focused on political states within Eastern Europe titled, Changing Landscapes 2, curated by Viktoria Ilyushkina. Throughout the festival a series of workshops and lectures took place where people could operate 3D printers or work with data visualization tools.

berlin_art_link_cyberfest_13-11-13_1berlin_art_link_cyberfest_13-11-13_asthetik-des-verfalls_2Asthetik des verfalls, [dNASAb], (2013), Design for Sterben Electronicsberlin_art_link_cyberfest_13-11-13_0-100_Paulo-Fernandez0-100, Pablo Fernandez, (2013)
berlin_art_link_cyberfest_13-11-13_unnecessary-alphabet_2007_Peter-BelyiUnnecessary Alphabet, Peter Belyi, (2013)berlin_art_link_cyberfest_13-11-13_yesterday-today-tomorrow_Elena-Gubanova_Ivan-GovorkovYesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Elena Gubanova, (2013)berlin_art_link_cyberfest_13-11-13_2Socks Snapper, Anna Frants, (2012)

Additional Information

Exhibition: Nov. 13 – Nov. 17, 2013
Skalitzer Strasse. 86 (click here for map)

Blog entry by Jazmina Figueroa & photos by Stephanie Third in Berlin; Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013.

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