Berlin Art Link’s Night & Day Exhibition Series

Berlin Art Link Productions: Elizabeth Delfs at SlaMBERLIN ART LINK’s Night & Day series showcases outstanding international cross-disciplinary artists and curators working accross the fields of visual art, technology, architecture, design, music and fashion for one night/one day exhibitions. The series offer another dimension of engagement with the work of artists and curators that BAL has collaborated with or featured on its website.

In addition to curating exhibitions and organizing the gallery spaces, BAL Production’s also designed, coordinated and distributed the communications and social media for all events, sent to our extensive network of national and international professional contacts. BAL Productions also provided full-documentation of all the exhibitions including photographs and catalogue texts.

Berlin Art Link’s Night & Day Series #1: ELIZABETH DELFS. Opening reception May 19, 2012. Exhibition May 19 – May 20, 2012. Sur la Montagne, Torstrasse 170, Berlin.

For the inaugural exhibition, Berlin Art Link Production’s presented the work of Australian visual artist Elizabeth Delfs. Delfs’ interdisciplinary practice is located where fashion and architecture collide. The exhibition focused on her most recent works, including suspended sculptures and an installation designed specifically for the SlaM gallery.

Berlin Art Link’s Night & Day Series #2: 404 NOT FOUND. Opening reception: June 8, 2012. Exhibition: June 9, 2012. Sur la Montagne: Torstrasse 170, Berlin.

For its second exhibition, 404 NOT FOUND, Berlin Art Link Productions collaborated with curator Max Schreier. The show featured the work of six web and digital artists (including Ola Vasiljeva, Bennett Williamson, Billy Rennekamp, Aram Bartholl, Elvia Wilk, Duncan Malashock) whose projects challenge the frictions between web art and the white-cube gallery.

To an internet artist, the gallery often presents an inconvenience rather than an opportunity. Web artists are asked to artificially amend their work so that it appears more lofty or meaningful rather than “just another YouTube video.” Projectors often take the place of monitors, screenshots replace active webapges, and the inherent interactivity of the work is removed because we are told to “please step away from the art.” As is the case with most meaningful movements in art, the institutions that exist to elevate the most cutting edge work are often unprepared to accomodate the uniqueness of the new medium. 404 NOT FOUND addresses several different ways tech artists interact with space–none of which include modifying the work for its physical presentation in a room.

For the first time on, we featured a live-stream video of the exhibition throughout the duration of the show. Whether or not our readership was able to be in Berlin for the opening, they were able to get an up-close-and-personal experience of the show.

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Berlin Art Link Productions: 404 NOT FOUND at SlaM

Berlin Art Link’s Night & Day Series #3: John Kleckner & Eva Maria Salvador. Opening Reception September 15, 2012. Exhibition: September 16, 2012. Sur la Montagne: Torstrasse 170, Berlin.

Our third Night & Day exhibition presented the collaboration of international artists Eva Maria Salvador (Switzerland) and John Kleckner (United States). Curated by Berlin Art Link Productions, Salvador and Kleckner presented paintings, collages, photographs, and drawings that centered around the curatorial theme of mortality, entropy, regeneration and metamorphosis, whilst engaging in the creative repurposing of recycled materials.

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