Announcement // Silent Art Auction at Decad

Berlin Art Link silent art auction

Article by Lisa Birch in Berlin // Feb. 20, 2017
Decad, will be holding a three hour long silent art auction on the 26 February in association with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). It is the second fundraiser held by Decad, in light…[read on]

Exhibition // ‘Total Records’ at C/O Berlin

Berlin Art Link Discover 'Total Record' at C/O Berlin

Article by Candice Nembhard in Berlin // Feb. 18, 2017
Total Records is an exhibition of classic and lesser known album covers from the 20th century at C/O Berlin. Abbey Road, The Velvet Underground and Lovesexy are a selection of the 500 album covers…[read on]

Exhibition // Gary Schlingheider at UdK Graduate Show 2017

Berlin Art Link Discover Gary Schlingheider

Article by Candice Nembhard in Berlin // Feb. 15, 2017
In a studio overlooking a courtyard, Gary Schlingheider’s light filled work space is soon to open to the public for the opening of the graduate show at Berlin’s University of the Arts — UdK. In the open room, his…[read on]

Performance // transmediale Ever Elusive: iii at HKW

Jonathan Reus: 'iMac Music', 2017 // Courtesy of Ed Jansen

Article by Beatrix Joyce in Berlin // Feb. 14, 2017
Transmediale’s robust programme for this year’s edition of the festival, Ever Elusive, also included experimental performance. The Instrument Inventors Initiative, an artist-run-platform based in The Hague,…[read on]

Exhibition // Sean Snyder at Galerie Neu

Berlin Art Link Discover Sean Snyder at Galerie Neu

Article by Candice Nembhard in Berlin // Feb. 13, 2017
Sean Snyder’s ‘Aurora Borealis’ offers insight into the ways in which images and structures materialise themselves. With multiple disciplines and practices…[read on]