Interview // ‘Formal Encounters’ at Galeria Nicodim: A Conversation with Ben Lee Ritchie Handler

Berlin Art Link Interview with Ben Lee Ritchie Handler

Article by Sara Clarken in Berlin // Apr. 21, 2018 Before Amazon, Facebook, Tindr, Grindr, et al, there was an all-enveloping online marketplace called craigslist, started by a guy named Craig in San Francisco. The personal ads were just a small part of it; craigslist was almost exactly like the classifieds in the back of a newspaper, except wherein one could receive immediate satisfaction [read on]

Announcement // Pictoplasma Festival 2018

Berlin Art Link Discover Pictoplasma Festival Berlin

Article by Berlin Art Link in Berlin // Apr. 20, 2018
This May, the annual Pictoplasma Festival returns for its 14th International Conference and Festival of Contemporary Character Design and Art, featuring a convergence of international artists, illustrators, filmmakers, as well as… [read on]

BLINK // Cathy Wilkes

Berlin Art Link Blink Cathy Wilkes

Article by Louisa Stark in Berlin // Apr. 19, 2018
Assemblage is Cathy Wilkes’ medium of choice. She creates installations that show scenes from everyday life, using a combination of made sculptures and found objects. Based in Glasgow … [read on]