ACE GOLD – Fundraiser!


Blog post by Jeni Fulton – in Berlin; Friday, June 01, 2012.

What happens when a group of artists meet up to exchange their works on a larger scale, and reclaim the role of the collector in one of its original senses, that of patrons and facilitators? Alexine Chanel founded the ARTIST/COLLECTOR EXCHANGE (ACE) in September 2011.

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Blog post by Alison Hugill – in Berlin; Sunday, May 27, 2012.

BERLIN ART LINK proudly announces its 2012 media partnership with SCOPE. With over 45 art fairs spanning more than a decade, SCOPE is a premier showcase for emerging international contemporary art. SCOPE have presented the most innovative galleries, curators and artists around the world at their fairs and carried out non-profit initiatives that push the boundaries of art, design, music and fashion. [read on…]

404 Not Found, presented by BAL’s Night & Day Series

Duncan Malashock "Birthstone Puzzle" (2011), video still

Blog post by Alison Hugill – in Berlin; Thursday, May 24, 2012.

Berlin Art Link (BAL) proudly presents 404 Not Found, the second exhibition in their ongoing Night & Day Series, which will feature works by six web and digital artists including Aram Bartholl, Bennett Williamson, Billy Rennekamp, Duncan Malashock, Elvia Wilk and Ola Vasiljeva. Each will present a single work.
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Berlin Art Link’s inaugural Night & Day Series Event

Night & Day Series

Blog post by Alison Hugill, photos by Peter Cairns, Chloé Richard and Anna Russ – in Berlin; Wednesday, May 23, 2012.

This past weekend Berlin Art Link launched its inaugural show in the Night & Day Series with an exhibition by artist Elizabeth Delfs. Gallery visitors spilled onto the sidewalks in front of Sur la Montagne Gallery on Torstrasse, as the artist moved through the crowd, answering eager questions about the method and materials… [see all images…]

Mike Hentz’s TABLEAU VIVANT at Mind Pirates

Blog post by Monica Salazar – in Berlin; Tuesday, May 22, 2012.

This week, Berlin’s art schedule is busier than ever with the ongoing MONTH OF PERFORMANCE ART in full swing. Saturday, Mike Hentz, New Jersey native graphic designer, photographer, musician and performance artist, will create a 200 square meter stage for his Kreuzberg performance.

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“Rafmögnuð Náttúra” – MARCOS ZOTES installation at Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival

Marcos Zotes - "Rafmognud Nattura" | Photo-by Jon Oskar Hauksson

Blog post by Alison Hugill – in Berlin; Wednesday, May 16, 2012.

Marcos Zotes, an architect from Madrid who is currently based in New York, presented his project “Rafmögnuð Náttúra” in Reykjavik as the main event for the city’s Winter Lights Festival in February of this year. The facade of the iconic Hallgrímskirkja church was the site of this award-winning temporary installation.
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Embrace “the C word” – Melanie Jame Walsh’s Lack of Limits at the Month of Performance Art Berlin

"The C word" - KuLe Gallery

Blog post by Elizabeth Feder – in Berlin; Tuesday, May 15, 2012.

Join Melanie Jame Walsh (Triage Live Art Collective/Savage Amusement) tonight as she explores “the C word” at KuLe Gallery. Ms. Walsh has landed back in Berlin from her native Australia after beasting over 100 performances in two months. Good thing she just got back in time to grab Berlin’s Month of Performance Art by the horns. And we’re being quite literal: she just got off the plane. [read on…]

Presume – Exhibition of the winners of the Mart Stam-Award 2011

Isabelle Dechamps

Blog post by Anna Smith – in Berlin; Saturday, May 12, 2012.

The five students from the Weißensee Art School (Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee) who won the Mart Stam Förderpreis 2011 are now exhibiting in Bethanien under the curatorial directions of Prof. Dr. Kornelia von Berswordt-Wallrabe. Their works, various and refreshingly well made, seem to have been thoroughly thought out during the making process, an element that is often missing [read on…]