A.I.R Exhibition Series at Sur la Montagne

Wil Murray - "Untitled Drape" (2012), archival pigment print

Blog post by Elizabeth Delfs – in Berlin; Thursday, Apr. 19, 2012.

Sur la Montagne (SlaM) presents a series of exhibitions by North American artists for their new Artist-in-Residency Program Auberge sur la Montagne. A total of 9 artists will participate in this unique program which allows them to live, produce and exhibit their work at SlaM on Torstrasse. The series is curated by artist Drew Simpson, who is the newest member of the SlaM Collective. [read on…]

In search of the details…

Madeline Stillwell - "Untitled Drawing Collage II" (2011)

Blog post by Anna Smith – in Berlin; Thursday, Apr. 12, 2012.

Three artists, three different approaches to contemporary art, and several media are currently exhibited at Galerie Open in an exhibition titled “Details”.

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S.A.V.E. conducts census poll of Berlin artists

Ze Coeupel-"S.A.V.E/Census"

Blog post by Marie-Louise Crona – in Berlin; Thursday, Apr. 12, 2012.

Ambra Pittoni and Paul-Flavien Enriquez-Sarano together make up the artist duo Ze Coeupel, a collaboration that started out as an investigation of questions regarding culture.

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Bits, Pieces and Mechanical Actions

Giulio Delvè at Supportico Lopez 2012, exhibition view

Blog post and photos by Anna Smith – in Berlin; Tuesday, April 3, 2012.

Upon entering the gallery one is confronted with a collection of what appear to be scrappy materials, elements and techniques, only to realize after a while that “Azione meccanica” is exactly that: a collection of elements.

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Berlin-Island: a bridge between Berlin’s art scene and Sardinian artists

Ewa Surowiec - "Losing Sharpness" (2012), video still Holiday Island

Blog post Florence Reidenbach – in Berlin; Monday, April 2, 2012.

Berlin-Island is an art residency program for Sardinian artists in Berlin. The project was developed by the Sardisches Kulturzentrum in Berlin, and by the artist and curator, Giovanni Casu, in collaboration with the curator Giusy Sanna, and the residency program, Culturia.

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Dorothy IANNONE at Peres Project

Dorothy IANNONE at Peres Project, exhibition view

Blog post and photos by Anna Smith – in Berlin; Wednesday, Mar. 28, 2012.

Peres Projects currently presents a collection of Dorothy IANNONE’s works that spans over four decades. The American artist (born in 1933) has lived in Berlin since the mid 70s.
The small collection of paintings and collages, some of which interact with video as well as audio elements, explore male-female sexual practices and invite us to imagine the relationships and the stories behind them. [read on…]

Plataforma Revolver at Transboavista- Open Call for Curators

Blog post by Marta Jecu – in Lisbon; Monday, Mar. 25, 2012.

Lisbon’s Transboavista is a multiple art project installed in the Palace Marquis of Sampaio, which dates back to 1712 (and was partially rebuilt in 1952). The three stories and attic edifice, founded and directed by the collector Vitor Pinto de Fonseca, …

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8 CLOUD. An installation by Carla Mercedes Hihn & Sebastian Zidek

Carla Mercedes Hihn and Sebastian Zidek - "8CLOUD", installation view

Blog post by Jeni Fulton – in Berlin; Sunday, Mar. 25, 2012.

Found windows, photographic fragments, fields of mark-making and an eerie soundtrack come together to a rather unsettling effect at Galerie im Turm. Artist Carla Mercedes Hihn has teemed up with composer Sebastian Zidek to create an installation which confronts the viewer with nebulous images and associations

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Kurt Schwitters Seminar

Photo: Kurt Schwitters. Photo El Lissitzky

Blog entry by Devon Elise Atkins – in Berlin; Saturday, Mar. 24, 2012

Tonight at Another Vacant Space Ian Hunter of Littoral Arts – a UK based non-proffit arts organisation – will present a seminar of Kurt Schwitters and information regarding a new residency in relation to the Elterwater Merz Barn project.

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I want to love you but I’m getting blown away. Carly Fischer at REH Kunst

Carly Fischer at REH Kunst; courtesy of the artist

Blog post by Jeni Fulton – in Berlin; Thrusday, Mar. 15, 2012.

Since moving to Berlin, how often have you heard someone say: „Berlin… the city is just so historic, so meaningful, so, you know…?” New Eckkneipes sport the ubiquitous Boxi flea-market chic, Plattenbauten are all of a sudden spots for destination-tourism, even such horrific GDR memento-moris as the watch-towers to imprison its citizens have become mere film-set props.
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Art Dubai 2012: BAL connects Berlin’s art scene to the U.A.E.

Art Dubai 2011

Blog post by Monica Salazar – in Berlin; Friday, Mar. 09, 2012.

On March 21th – 24th, BERLIN ART LINK will join the international art world at the 6th edition of Art Dubai; the regions leading fair which intersects the art scenes of the Middle East and South Asia. The fair attracted over 20, 000 visitors in 2011 with a curated program showing 74 galleries from 32 countries.
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