Berlinale’s 14th Forum Expanded Hit List

Berlin Art Link Annoucnement Berlinale Forum Expanded

Article by Berlin Art Link // Feb. 09, 2019
The Berlinale film festival represents a significant occasion in the world of cinema. Now in its 69th year, the festival, which runs from February 7th to 17th, 2019, showcases over 400 films of varying[read on]

Vinyl -terror & -horror’s Sound Sculptures

Article by Johanna Hardt // Feb. 06, 2019
Distant thunder, rainfall, winds howling, a murmur of a group speaking softly and unintelligibly, heavy breathing, creaky door hinges, footsteps on squeaky floors, eerie chords, heartbreaking sequences,[read on]

‘Road to the Unconscious’ at Peres Projects

Article by Julianne Cordray // Feb. 02, 2019
The exhibition text for the current group show at Peres Projects, ‘Road to the Unconscious,’ begins as a guided meditation, in which the space of the exhibition is unfurled as a dreamscape[read on]

Highlights from the 1st Strasbourg Biennale

Berlin Art Link photo diary of Strasbourg Biennale

Photos and Article by Anna Russ // Jan. 24, 2019
Nearing the entrance to the first edition of the Strasbourg Biennale, we saw life-size paper humans wheat-pasted on the side of the host venue. There was a face drawn over one man’s blurred head,[read on]