An Evening of Arab Short Films at Interfilm 2018

Article by Sofia Bergmann // Nov. 30, 2018
As Arab culture runs through the veins of Germany’s capital, the evening of ‘Arab Shorts’ – part of Berlin’s Interfilm festival on November 23rd – was as relevant as it was profound and political[read on]

‘Traum und Trauma’ at the Museum of Islamic Art

Article by Isabelle Hore-Thorburn // Nov. 23, 2018
The Museum of Islamic Art have reopened and updated their carpet halls under the title, ‘Traum und Trauma’ (Dream and Trauma). The rare and exceptional fragments that comprise the exhibition reflect[read on]

‘ABC of Travel’ at Kunstbibliothek

Article by Isabelle Hore-Thorburn // Nov. 21, 2018
ABC of Travel ventures, in both concept and design, to make the history of travel seen, using objects from their holdings and work by Flavio de Marco[read on]

Jörg Gelbke’s Monuments to Fault

Isabelle Hore-Thorburn // Nov. 16, 2018
The time frames and techniques at work in Jörg Gelbke’s’s exhibition ‘lasting embers’ delight in, happenstance, accident and error, factors diametrically opposed to the conventional notion of casting[read on]

The Light Pours Out: A Conversation with Martin Boyce

Article by Isabelle Hore-Thorburn // Nov. 02, 2018
The notion of fluidity of light and time is not simply a poetic title, but extends into the fabric of ‘The Light Pours Out’, Boyce’s first solo exhibition at Esther Schipper Gallery. The Turner Prize-winning artist has[read on]

Understanding Sexuality in the Digital Age

Article by Sofia Bergmann // Oct. 31, 2018
Contemporary perceptions of sexuality and intimacy as seen through the lens of technology bring out multifaceted and often unexplored traits of our current social climate. The ongoing exhibition ‘Un_Becoming’[read on]