Inside artmonte-carlo 2019

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May 01, 2019
Unlike behemoths like Art Brussels or Art Basel, artmonte-carlo presented only 50 galleries and one curated exhibition, titled ‘Face-to-Face’[read on]

Lisa Rave and Colonial Legacies

Apr. 30, 2019
Even if you’ve never heard the word “europium,” you’ve at least definitely seen its physical manifestation. The rare earth metal has various uses, including to enhance both the security of Euro[read on]

Gallery Weekend: The Kreuzberg Walkabout

Berlin Art Link Kreuzberg Walkabout Gallery Weekend

Article by Johanna Hardt // Apr. 28, 2019
With the ambitious plan to tag as many galleries off the list as possible I cycle into Gallery Weekend early Friday afternoon. From a cloudless sky, the sun is beating down mercilessly, making me wish[read on]

Gallery Weekend: The Mitte Walkabout

Article by Sarah Messerschmidt // Apr. 27, 2019
I began my Gallery Weekend tour strategically: before 6pm, or the official beginning to most exhibition openings. Hoping to gain some coveted[read on]