Review: Art Berlin Contemporary 2012

Slavs and Tatars

Article by Jeni Fulton in Berlin // Sep. 12, 2012
The fifth edition of Art Berlin Contemporary, or abc presented itself in refreshingly new colours this year. Gone were the awkward ‘curatorial’ premise of last year’s show (entitled All about Painting), and the strangely installative snaking wall. Instead, Manuel Reader’s[read on]

Berlin Art Link’s Night & Day Series #3: Eva Maria Salvador & John Kleckner

Eva Maria Salvador & John Kleckner

Article by Angela Connor – in Berlin; Wednesday, Sep. 19, 2012.

Last weekend, Berlin Art Link presented its third exhibition in their ongoing Day & Night series with American artist John Kleckner and Swiss artist Eva Maria Salvador. This exhibition followed on from their first collaborative exhibition Köpfe und Helme (2011) and explored notions of mortality, entropy, regeneration and metamorphosis, whilst engaging in the creative repurposing of recycled materials…[read on…]

Interview // Anna Jill Lüpertz & Sophie Weiser


Interview by Anna C. Purcell in Berlin // Sep. 11, 2012
With the diversity of contemporary works, it seems implausible to find a space that fits all artists, methods, and content range too dramatically. Two Berliners embraced the need for change, initiating the search for individualistic[read on]

No Sommerloch at Tanz im August

A Coming Community

Article by Adela Yawitz – in Berlin; Thursday, Aug. 30, 2012.

To admit, I spent an inordinate amount of time, last month, watching olympic gymnasts do impossible things on the barbie-pink mattresses of the London gymnastic hall. In glittering one-pieces, their makeup running with tears and sweat, these girls’ bodies were hypnotizing, their efforts communicating no message besides years of practice and physical ability. I watched on safely from my couch…[read on…]

A phonic occupation. Interview with Sebastiaan Schlicher at London’s French Riviera

Interview by Francesca Brooks – in London; Monday, Aug. 20, 2012.

French Riviera is closed over August, but disappointed visitors should feel free to call and leave a message. Sebastiaan Schlicher’s answerphone project is a sign that all is not dead at the other end of the line. The second installment in an ongoing sound art series, Schlicher’s piece will function as the interim performance piece…[read on…]

In Search of Lost Time

Article by Alison Hugill – in Berlin; Saturday, Aug. 04, 2012.

A note Larry Clark has written about his work, scrawled in childlike handwriting and mounted alongside his Teenage Lust photo series at C/O Berlin, describes with nostalgic longing the drugged out gang bangs and violent sex scenes of his rural American youth. He laments not having had a camera at the time, to capture the uninhibited sexual thrills of his boyhood…[read on…]

The Heart of the Machine and the Mechanical Heart

David Link - "LoveLetters_1.0" (2009-12)

Article by Adela Yawitz – in Berlin; Monday, Jul. 30, 2012

At the moment, there are more than a few artists in Berlin trying to outdo their machines. These machines ‒ computers, programmed sequences, projectors, speakers ‒ have become necessary production tools, and yet they have the power to work outside the artist’s control. According to David Link’s exhibition text, at Alexander Ochs gallery, “although computer programs were once written by people, they should ideally… [read on…]

“I remember her eyes. The eyes of Gutete Emerita.”

Alfredo Jaar - "The Eyes of Gutete Emerita" (1996)

Article by Evanna Folkenfolk – in Berlin; Wednesday, Jul. 26, 2012

These words by Alfredo Jaar close what is a succinct but lethal description of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. They are projected in white light along a dark hallway connecting two installations in Jaar’s recent retrospective,The Way It Is. An Aesthetics of Resistance[read on…]

Discovering Detritus: Gabriel Orozco and Secondhand Treasure

Article by Anna C. Purcell – in Berlin; Wednesday, Jul. 18, 2012

“An object’s shape is made from accidental encounters with other objects– that process has been important for me.”– Gabriel Orozco

Gabriel Orozco’s new show, Asterisms, opened on July 6th at the Deutsche Guggenheim. Using detritus collected from a variety of locations, the Mexican-born artist creates a two-fold sculptural and…[read on…]