2010 Art Basel Miami: Berlin in Focus

Article by Monica Salazar – in Miami, Wednesday, Dec. 08, 2010.

Art professionals, curators, collectors and enthusiasts gathered this past week in sunny (but surprisingly cool) Miami for several art fairs held between the 1st and the 5th of December. The central event of this art invasion to an already cultural city was Art Basel Miami. As the little sister of Art Basel, the largest art fair in North America, showcasing the 20th and 21st century artworks of over 2,000 artists. Of the 250 international galleries at the fair, Berlin [read on…]

Zefrey Throwell’s Entropy Symphony hits Berlin

Interview by Clare Ros – in Berlin, Saturday, Dec. 04, 2010.

I recently sat down with the artist Zefrey Throwell, and partners in performance and curators Per Schumman (Entwurf-Direkt, in Hamburg) and Malte Zacharias (Gartenstudio, in Berlin) to discuss Throwell’s upcoming series of events, including a city-wide performance through the streets of Berlin, a photographic exhibition at the Gartenstudio in Berlin, and film screening at Entwurf-Direkt in Hamburg…[read on…]

Things Grow Together: pool gallery on Curatorial Relationships

Article by Jordan Nassar – in Berlin, Dec. 02, 2010.

A contemporary art gallery serves a variety of functions; aims to accomplish a certain set of goals. Hopefully high on the list of priorities – which includes presenting beautiful exhibitions, making sales, and gaining entry into prestigious art fairs – is the forwarding of the artists’ careers, represented by the gallery. I can only speak from my experience, of course, and that would mean taking pool gallery in Berlin as an example. Over the past…[read on…]

Despina Stokou, Artator!

Interview by Clare Ros – in Berlin, Friday, Nov. 26, 2010.

Despina Stokou’s dynamic personality and engaging spirit are reflected equally through her vibrant, colorful canvases, overflowing with strong messages and prodding statements; in addition to her unabashed curatorial approach, unafraid of experimentation. The artist, curator; ARTATOR arrived in Berlin by way of Athens in 2005 to study at the Institute of Art in Context, Universität der Künste on a DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst)…[read on…]

Breaking Windows & During Office Hours

Berlin Art Link feature exhibition Feinkost Gallery

Article by Ester Ippolito in Berlin // Oct. 22, 2010
Most of us walk around with a little bit of interior chaos that we suppress during day-to-day life. Due largely to social norms of expected behaviours maintained in ‘civilized society’, we keep certain things in[read on]