A Conversation on Curating with Carson Chan

Interview by Clare Ros in Berlin // Mar. 03, 2011
Challenging conventions is not an unfamiliar territory for Carson Chan, a curator of PROGRAM. With a background in architectural design and theory, he comes out of a sensibility when “being exposed to…[read on…]

Why James Franco is a Feminist

Article by Elizabeth Feder in Berlin // Feb. 18, 2011
Taking in the entirety of James Franco’s Berlin exhibition of The Dangerous Book Four Boys at Peres Projects is a challenge, but there is a haptic, material quality to the show that acts as…[read on…]

transmediale.11 – RESPONSE:ABILITY

Article by Mikhel Proulx – in Berlin, Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011.

The first week of February saw the latest incarnation of transmediale: Germany’s preeminent meeting-ground for art and technology. Like it’s institutional big-brother Ars Electronica (taking place yearly in the Austrian city of Linz), transmediale is amongst Europe’s highest esteemed media arts festivals. Through workshops, lectures, multiple exhibitions, film and video screenings, performances and concerts (presented by [read on…]

On dead fish and Reynold Reynolds at Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Article by Elvia Pyburn-Wilk – in Berlin, Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011.

Last week at Transmediale’s grand opening, Reynold Reynolds debuted his Secrets Trilogy, a cycle of three videos that he has been working on for the past three years. Reynolds’ show is supported by the exhibition series LABOR Berlin, which started in 2010 and “is dedicated to the creativity and potential of international artists who have chosen Berlin as their new home.” I had seen two of Reynold’s videos before, but the Transmediale [read on…]

New Age of the Computer Age – ICAS Kitchen: Interventions, Research Projects and an army of DJs.

Article by Jessyca Hutchens – in Berlin, Tuesday, Feb. 08, 2011.

In recent years, the relics of “New Age” culture have become valuable fodder for artistic appropriation, especially in the music world (think Emeralds or Pocahaunted). Belgian artist, Dolphins into the Future, creates dreamy ambience that would not be out of place at a yoga class, while his record covers depict lotus flowers and spiritual apparitions in muted pastel tones. Such nods to the New Age go beyond hipster irony. They seem [read on…]

BERLIN ARCH LINK: Wandern wir zusammen – One Way of Wander through Berlin’s 28th Lange Nacht der Museen

Article by Elizabeth Feder – in Berlin, Saturday, Feb. 05, 2011.

The premise is whimsical: a city transforms itself (its time, its motion, its color, its sound) into an open, exploratory ground. On January 29, Berlin hosted its 28th Lange Nacht der Museen, entitled “Body Meets Soul.” Twice a year, the city turns into five paths, thus linking more than seventy distinct spaces: historical collections are tied to city halls, museums to factories, zoos to libraries. We began at MACHmit! Museum für Kinder, in [read on…]

2010 Art Basel Miami: Berlin in Focus

Article by Monica Salazar – in Miami, Wednesday, Dec. 08, 2010.

Art professionals, curators, collectors and enthusiasts gathered this past week in sunny (but surprisingly cool) Miami for several art fairs held between the 1st and the 5th of December. The central event of this art invasion to an already cultural city was Art Basel Miami. As the little sister of Art Basel, the largest art fair in North America, showcasing the 20th and 21st century artworks of over 2,000 artists. Of the 250 international galleries at the fair, Berlin [read on…]

Zefrey Throwell’s Entropy Symphony hits Berlin

Interview by Clare Ros – in Berlin, Saturday, Dec. 04, 2010.

I recently sat down with the artist Zefrey Throwell, and partners in performance and curators Per Schumman (Entwurf-Direkt, in Hamburg) and Malte Zacharias (Gartenstudio, in Berlin) to discuss Throwell’s upcoming series of events, including a city-wide performance through the streets of Berlin, a photographic exhibition at the Gartenstudio in Berlin, and film screening at Entwurf-Direkt in Hamburg…[read on…]

Despina Stokou, Artator!

Article by Clare Ros, photos by Mike Milosh // Nov. 26, 2010
Despina Stokou’s dynamic personality and engaging spirit are reflected equally through her vibrant, colorful canvases, overflowing with strong messages[read on]

Breaking Windows & During Office Hours

Berlin Art Link feature exhibition Feinkost Gallery

Article by Ester Ippolito in Berlin // Oct. 22, 2010
Most of us walk around with a little bit of interior chaos that we suppress during day-to-day life. Due largely to social norms of expected behaviours maintained in ‘civilized society’, we keep certain things in[read on]