Berlin Art link Studio Visit with Jeremy Shaw

Article by Clare Ros, Photos by Mike Milosh in Berlin // Apr. 13, 2012
In the winter of 2011 we visited Jeremy Shaw in his Kreuzberg studio to preview his most recent Kirlian experiments, discuss working between art and music…[read on…]


Berlin Art Link studio visit with Allison Fall

Article by Jeni Fulton, Studio photos by Anthony Georgis in Berlin // Feb. 13, 2012.
Allison Fall’s studio is an extension of the kitchen, the closet, and recently, the bedroom. Her studio is intimately tied to her performative practice, a space…[read on…]


Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Anja Schrey

Article by Jessyca Hutchens, Studio Visit photos by Violeta Leiva in Berlin // Nov. 28, 2011
Anja’s studio is a place of work, a minimal and dedicated space. The room is dominated by two large-format pencil works, still being meticulously… [read on…]


Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Fabian Knecht

Article and Photos by Devon Caranicas in Berlin // Sep. 17, 2011
Housed at the Universitat der Kunst Berlin, Fabian Knecht’s studio is a large one room space flooded with light by the impressive window…[read on…]


Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Rachel de Joode

Article by Jessyca Hutchens, Photos by Chloe Richard in Berlin // Aug. 16, 2011
Rachel de Joode’s studio, a large room in an old Berlin apartment, is filled with a universe of things. An ordered universe of things. On shelves lined in…[read on]


Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Donna Huanca

Article by Ester Ippolito, Anna Russ in Berlin // Feb. 07, 2011
Donna Huanca is a multi-disciplinary American artist who works nomadically, and has chosen Berlin as her base. Creating artwork with media including[read on]


Article by Monica Salazar, Photos by Chloé Richard in Berlin // Nov. 28, 2010
Egill Sæbjörnsson is an Icelandic experiential artist who has lived in Berlin for 12 years. After studying Fine Art at the University of…[read on]


Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Lewis Forever

Article by Monica Salazar, Photos by Chloé Richard in Berlin // Nov. 8, 2010
Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Florida, Isabel, Ligia and Sarah Lewis join the influx of international creative professionals participating in the dynamic[read on]