Play // Dream Journal: An Interview with Jon Rafman


Article by Penny Rafferty in Berlin // Oct. 06, 2017
Shag carpet fills one room at Sprüth Magers in Berlin right now, a waxy plastic is emitted from the darkness and eight ambiguous lounging foam figures recline. Waiting for your own body to slip into them, or perhaps plug into them, they vibrate… [read on]

Play // Speaker System: Andrea Crespo at Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler


Article by Nat Marcus in Berlin // Sep. 28, 2017
Throughout all the varying theories of play in the last 150-odd years, regardless of discourse or discipline, it is often described as a kind of median, an interface by which the mind dialogs with the external world. Play is instrumentalized… [read on]



Article by Katharine Doyle in Berlin // Sep. 12, 2017
“I used to cry a lot at parties.” I came across this statement on the press release for Lisa Holzer’s exhibition first solo exhibition ‘I come in you – The Party Sequel… [read on]



Article by Michelle Standley, Studio Photos by Ériver Hijano in Berlin // Sep. 05, 2017
A few hours after our official studio visit, I returned to Sanderstraße. That’s the street in Neukölln where you will find artist and performer, Juwelia…[read on]