BODY // Illustrating the Ordinary: An Interview with Sally Nixon


Interview by TL Andrews in Berlin // Apr. 30, 2016
Madonna invited women to “strike a pose” in the early 90s, but like an irresponsible hypnotist, she seems to have forgotten to mention when it’s okay to stop. Sally Nixon’s set of illustrations seem count back from three to release women from the tyranny of…[read on]

BODY // Jeremy Wade’s Death Asshole Rave Video at HAU3


Article by TL Andrews in Berlin // Apr. 29, 2016
From the very first minute of Death Asshole Rave Video, Jeremy Wade confronts and affronts audiences with the concept of death. As you walk into the HAU3 theater, whitened to look like a whitewashed tomb—or perhaps heaven—Wade is …[read on]

BODY // Opacity Politics: An Interview with Vika Kirchenbauer


Interview by Göksu Kunak in Berlin // Apr. 22, 2016
A woman enters the dark room and immediately leaves the space giggling. Obviously, she felt uneasy about the naked butt, being rhythmically yet gently spanked. The video ‘You Are Boring’ (2015), by artist and writer Vika Kirchenbauer, plays with exercises of looking and being looked…[read on]

BODY // Trauma and Identity: An Interview with Yishay Garbasz


Interview by Alison Hugill in Berlin // Apr. 19, 2016
Yishay Garbasz is a Berlin-based artist and photographer whose diverse body of work displays a fortuitous congruity. Often, her subject matter is trauma and its intergenerational inheritance, through which bodily and embodied sites of conflict and memory loom large…[read on]

BODY // Sharing and Baring All: An Interview with Vivian Fu


Interview by Celia Wickham in Berlin // Apr. 15, 2016
Looking at Vivian Fu’s photographs, her romantic and rose-tinted view of the world echoes throughout each image. Her intimate pictures, most often documenting herself and her relationships with others, are both vulnerable…[read on]

BODY // The Shadow of the Body of the Coachman at Kunstsaele Berlin


Article by William Kherbek in Berlin // Apr. 13, 2016
The Shadow of the Body of the Coachman is the title of an impressively ambitious exhibition at Kunstsaele Berlin, which included three distinct phases over the course of the show’s three month life cycle. The exhibition takes its title from a novella by the playwright and artist…[read on]

BODY // Deep Surface: An Interview with Lorenzo Sandoval


Interview by Alison Hugill in Berlin // Apr. 11, 2016
Lorenzo Sandoval is an artist, curator, theorist and self-professed amateur architect. His works reckon with distributions of space and power through platforms and encounters that encourage ‘spatial storytelling’…[read on]