CITIES // Public Art: An Interview with Chong Fahcheong


Interview by TL Andrews in Berlin // May 28, 2016
The public sculptures strewn around our cities are often inflected with nationalistic pride, they are either the literal concretization of the reigning ideology or petrified relics of failed dispensations. The work of Singaporean artist Chong Fahcheong…[read on]

Cities // Sprouting Urban Dadaism: An Interview with Clemens Behr

Berlin Art Link Interview with Clemens Behr

Article by Alice Bardos in Berlin // May 24, 2016
Clemens Behr is a Berlin-based street installation artist originally from the small historical west German city of Koblenz. His works are heavily influenced by three aesthetic streams: architecture, street art and graphic design. The artist’s…[read on]

CITIES // Systems of Control: An Interview with Romeo Alaeff


Interview by Alison Hugill in Berlin // May 20, 2016
Romeo Alaeff is a Berlin-based artist from Brooklyn, New York. His zoomed out photographs of cityscapes, intricate detail drawings and abstract paintings all deal with a common theme: the many manifestations of security and control in our urban landscape…[read on]

CITIES // The Urban Divide: An Interview with Gods


Interview by Alison Hugill in Berlin // May 19, 2016
Gods is a band and art collective with members based in Berlin, Cardiff, Cologne and Innsbruck. Despite the geographical divide, they manage to put out a steady stream of synth-pop and electronic music, as well as music videos that are works of contemporary art in themselves…[read on]

CITIES // Layered Impressions: ‘Epigraph, Damascus’

berlinartlink_julie mehretu_nielsborchjensen

Article by Julianne Cordray in Berlin // May 17, 2016.
Realness of place—locatable in the details—is recontextualized within the expansive realm of the imaginary in a six-panel composite print, which comprises Julie Mehretu’s collaboration with Niels Borch Jensen Gallery & Editions…[read on]

CITIES // Another Side of Berlin: Citpelo at Hood Chiller

Berlin Art Link Explores Hood Chiller

Article by Alice Bardos in Berlin // May 16, 2016
A few moments of confusion may elapse before the full effect of the Hood Chiller imparts its späti-fied art gallery effect on viewers. Earrings, street wear, hats key chains an more are pressed tightly up against their backdrop of art works by…[read on]

CITIES // Horst Ademeit: Living in the Radiant Cold


Article by William Kherbek in Berlin // May 13, 2016
The image that drew me into the labyrinthine network of relations and references in the exhibition Living in the Radiant Cold at Delmes & Zander was that of a nondescript scene near the main railway station in Düsseldorf, on what appears to be a cold winter day…[read on]

CITIES // City Light: An Interview with Xyza Bacani


Interview by TL Andrews in Berlin // May 12, 2016
As a second generation domestic worker Xyza Bacani’s life in Hong Kong consisted primarily of cleaning other people’s homes and taking care of their children. Amid all the obligations though, she committed to doing one thing for herself every day: taking pictures…[read on]

CITIES // Virtual Living: An Interview with Lawrence Lek


Interview by Penny Rafferty in Berlin // May 10, 2016
Lawrence Lek’s highly rendered architectural worlds create impossible possibilities, through zoomed out narratives and virtual constructs. In his recent contribution to the Secret Surfaces exhibition at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, his work maps the progressive…[read on]