Futures // Afrofuturism: An Interview with Krista Franklin


Article by TL Andrews in Berlin // Jun. 21, 2016
The term “Afrofuturism” was coined in the 1990s by the cultural critic Mark Dery, who recognized a preoccupation with the future in the work of a number of black artists. Ever since, it has remained a term that is retrospectively applied…[read on]

Futures // Utopia Deferred: Exploring Berlin’s Futurisms


Article by William Kherbek in Berlin // Jun. 15, 2016
‘Utopia Banished’ is the title of an album by the legendary British death metal band, Napalm Death. The album explores the psychic consequences of a political space in which idealism dies with a suitably untethered ferocity,…[read on]

Futures // Technological Arte Povera: An Interview with Angelo Plessas


Article by Penny Rafferty in Berlin // Saturday, Jun. 04, 2016
When we think of the future we are often draw to images of white, anarcho-capitalist machinery, our only lifeline a Soylent drip three times a day. But what if our future wasn’t so far away? In fact, what if we should be preparing for it right now…[read on]