Virtual Reality // Omer Fast at Martin-Gropius-Bau

Article by Mitch Speed in Berlin // Jan. 09, 2017
Drones have made killing easier. True as this may be, recent studies have revealed that the screen’s simulation effect is no guarantee against the psychological ravages killers will encounter—even those who operate…[read on]


Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Pierwoss & Siska

Article by Rebecca Partridge, Photos by Yishay Garbasz in Berlin // Dec. 19, 2016
Franziska Pierwoss and Siska, two artists working both independently and in collaboration, met in Lebanon in 2007 when German-born Pierwoss visited…[read on]


Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Dellbrügge & De Moll

Article by Brit Seaton in Berlin // Dec. 12, 2016
Christiane Dellbrügge and Ralf de Moll invite us into their minimal, office-like Kreuzberg Wohnstudio — a space established for living and working. Finding the balance in these aspects of life…[read on]