Textiles // Ana Spoon: A Darkness That Consumes You

Berlin Art Link Ana Spoon Textiles

Article by Lisa Birch in Berlin // May 09, 2017
Ana Spoon is a Valencia-based, Spanish artist who specializes in drawing as a way of articulating her interests in psychology. Her work investigates a line of research into the psychology and neurotic phases that…[read on]

Textiles // Liz Magor’s Objects of Care


Article by Mitch Speed in Berlin // Apr. 21, 2017
Searching for the attitude of Liz Magor’s work, the word “terse” clings obstinately to mind. I know it isn’t quite right. Unambiguously, her sculptures also radiate the most approachable and relatable kind of…[read on]

Fantasy // X-Men: Tom of Finland at Galerie Judin

Article by Nat Marcus in Berlin // Apr. 03, 2017
Never have I felt more of a wariness of Übermensch masculine worship before moving to Berlin. ‘Gay mecca’ it may be, but one whose chosen people seem only to look like the men illustrated by Touko Laaksonen,…[read on]