Article by Nina Prader, Photos by Hannes Wiedemann // Apr. 4, 2018
“Is this really your studio?” is a curious question that comes to mind when visiting photographer Tobias Zielony’s physical studio space, which…[read on]


Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Kristiane Kegelmann

Article by Jess Harrison, Photos by Sandra Camey // Mar. 27, 2018
With her edible sculptures, Kristiane Kegelmann frees herself from the rigid and restrictive world of patisserie, redefining the boundaries[read on]

Truth // Skewed History: The Museum of the Bible

Article by Adela Kim in Washington D.C. // Jan. 30, 2018
At first, the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. seems like any other museum. Monumental white-marble pillars sprawl across the entire complex; large overheard glass panels emit natural light, illuminating the[read on]