SOUND SPECTRUM // An Interview with Ari Benjamin Meyers

Interview by Arielle Bier – in Berlin; Monday, Jul. 27, 2015.

Having trained as a classical musician, composer and conductor, Ari Benjamin Meyers brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in musical formats to his practice as a conceptual artist working with sound, perception and social relations. In his work, the elemental structures of musical creation…[read on…]

SOUND SPECTRUM // An Interview with Video Jam

Interview by Celia Wickham – in Berlin; Friday, Jul. 24, 2015.

Founded only a few years ago in 2012, Video Jam has quickly distinguished itself as one of the most innovative arts events in the North West of England. Taking place predominantly in arts and cultural institutions around Manchester…[read on…]

SOUND SPECTRUM // Deeper Into The Soft Moon

Article by Melissa Pink – in Berlin; Thursday, Jul. 23, 2015.

Berlin Art Link recently caught up with the gothic, synth-pop, post-punk band The Soft Moon and discussed their new album, Deeper, over beers in frontman and creator Luis Vasquez‘s current base in Berlin. We also talked about getting over fears, the healing properties in music and the power of creativity…[read on…]

OPEN CALL // Capture and Remix the World with The Soundhunters Project


Blog post by Nora Kovacs – in Berlin; Wednesday, Jul. 15, 2015.

Learn to speak the universal language of sound with‘s latest project, The Soundhunter Project. The project has been described as a “collective international musical experience” in which participants observe, record, compose and communicate music and sounds from their everyday lives…[read on…]

SOUND SPECTRUM // Tino Sehgal: Between Sound and Movement

Article by Rebecca Partridge – in Berlin; Wednesday, Jul. 15, 2015.

Entering the Martin-Gropius-Bau on a sweltering July morning, two lone hunched figures sit in the middle of the vast atrium. At first imperceptible from the normal rumblings of a large building, a voice emerges, meandering between song, a deep guttural beat box-like rhythmicality and quiet stutterings…[read on…]

SOUND SPECTRUM // An Interview with the ASMRtist: Claire Tolan

Interview by Alison Hugill – in Berlin; Tuesday, Jul. 14, 2015.

Claire Tolan is off to London for the rest of the summer to do a sound art residency at The White Building, where she plans to build a web platform for ASMR enthusiasts. Auto-Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is described as a ‘distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body’ as a response to external stimuli…[read on…]


Article by Arielle Bier, Photos by Ériver Hijano in Berlin // Jul. 13, 2015
Black Cracker aka Ellison Renee Glenn is a man of many talents. With a pluralistic vision, he’s breaking down barriers in the music industry, expanding the…[read on]

Sound Spectrum // An Interview with Lundahl & Seitl

Interview by Alison Hugill in Berlin // Jul. 09, 2015
In July everyone in Scandinavia seems to go on mandatory vacation. Even in the art world, where the lines between work and non-work are constantly being blurred, it’s important to follow suit. As a result,…[read on]