Screening of ICI’s Project 35 at Node Center in Berlin

Project 35 Screening at Node

During the CMT Vorspiel, the kick-off to the 2012 Transmediale Festival, Berlin Art Link and New York-based Independent Curators International (ICI) teamed up to present the Berlin premiere of Project 35. Produced by ICI to mark their 35th anniversary, the four-part video series included a wide variety of genres of video work from artists spanning 6 continents, chosen by 35 international curators. Each curator was asked to select one video art piece that they felt was important for audiences from across the globe to experience.

The premiere screening of Project 35 in Berlin unfolded over 2 days in January 2012,in the cozy loft setting of the Node Curatorial Residency Center. The screenings included works by such well-known artists as Manon de Boer, Andrea Buttner, Stephen Sutcliffe, Kota Ezawa and Phu Nam Thuc Ha. ICI’s enviable access to an extensive international curatorial network enabled them to bring on board such celebrated curators as Hans Ulrich Obrist, Lars Bang Larsen, and Chus Martinez. With curators hailing from such varied locations as Columbia, the Congo and the Philippines presenting works with varying takes on ideology, politics and humor, Project 35 offered a unique sampling of international perspectives. The results have been shared in venues across the globe in a variety of formats.

The Berlin setting, provided by Node Curatorial Residency Center in Kreuzberg, provided a shared and intimate experience, reminding us of how nice it can be to sit down and concentrate on a carefully curated, single-channel video, without feeling the need to slide over for fleeting interlopers.