Adam Raymont

by Monica Salazar // Aug. 21, 2010

Adam Raymont, born in New York and a RISD graduate, has been an active member in Berlin’s lively and influential contemporary art scene over the last two years. In addition to participating in the recent galleryHOMELAND Portland/Berlin exchange exhibition, ‘A Materialized Order’, Adam has executed various successful shows throughout the US, Europe and South America.

Adam Raymont Studio Visit

“I’ve lived in Berlin since 2008 after living in New York for 15 years. I studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design. My work is primarily drawing and painting, with various mechanical and digital techniques used as tools in the process. Making things by hand is very important to me even when evidence of it is suppressed, often painstakingly rendering something so it looks like it was stamped, printed or otherwise made. I consider each work part of a whole as well as being a singular creation.” – Adam Raymont (2010)

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