Lisa Jugert

by Monica Salazar // Sept. 13, 2010

Lisa Jugert, an artist with a focus on photography, has lived and worked in Berlin for the last two years. A graduate of the Städelschule Frankfurt am Main, Jugert’s photographs cause the viewer to question the difference between what’s real and unreal, historical fact or simply fictional stories about the past.

Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Lisa Jugert

Before coming to Berlin in 2008, she participated in The Rockaway Armada, a U.S.-based art collaboration where a group of individuals sailed ships made from found objects down the Mississippi River. Along the way, they performed exhibitions and performances for the local residents of the Mid-West towns through which they passed. Most recently, Jugert curated a performance evening (The Automatic Theatre) at .HBC, is working as an assistant for Olafur Eliasson, and is preparing for an upcoming dual-site group show at Galerie September and Galerie Barbara Thumm – Project Space, Schaulager. This exhibition will also spotlight the publication of her first solo catalogue (published by Goldrausch/argobooks).

Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Lisa Jugert

Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Lisa Jugert

“In my work I like to reflect on the relationship between image and experience, I am interested in revisiting the link between visual codes and the production of knowledge: How do we remember things? In which way do images influence our conception of reality? How do we know what it is that we see? How is form and content related and how is this relationship subject to change?

Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Lisa Jugert

Usually I take a conceptual approach to the medium of photography. The images are studio based set-ups, made for the sole purpose of being photographed, for which I only use analogue equipment like medium or large format cameras. The title of each work has major importance as it determines the reading of the piece. I would like the viewer to become aware of himself/herself as spectator, ie: an individual with a subjective point of view.” – Lisa Jugert (2010)

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