Modern Vagabonds: Home is Here?

Bruno Jamaica, What comes out from the windows brings us together, 2011, Installation view Bruno Jamaica – “What comes out from the windows brings us together” (2011); Installation view

This city is full of lost wanderers. People who have packed up and left in search of new frontiers and somehow got stuck here mid-transit. We are from everywhere and some of us will stay for longer than others. We rent rooms and studios, decorate our spaces with treasures found at Mauerpark. We build ourselves a nest then just as suddenly as we arrived, we pack up and leave in search of something new.

Soavina Ramaroson, The Neo- in Neo-Colonialism: Getting Granular on a Prefix, 2009/2010, C-PrintSoavina Ramaroson – “The Neo- in Neo-Colonialism: Getting Granular on a Prefix” (2009/2010); C-Print

Christina Kyriazidi, No mad S, 04/07/2011, Performance shotChristina Kyriazidi – “No mad S” (2011); Performance shot

The current exhibition at Kunstraum Kreuzberg, “Nomadic Settlers – Settled Nomads” explores this search for place and contemporary notions of home. 26 International artists working in several mediums engage with these ideas with curiosity, homesickness and humor. The exhibition runs until August 28 and the program includes several performances and workshops.

Microclimax, Roots, Installation viewMicroclimax – “Roots”; Installation view

Participating Artists: Yasmin Alt, Lars Bjerre, Márcio Carvalho, Rudy Cremonini, Dalila Dalléas, Yingmei Duan, Roberto Duarte, Juan Duque, Antje Engelmann, Surya Gied, Michael á Grømma, Satch Hoyt, Lan Hungh, Paul Huf, Bruno Jamaica, Essi Kausalainen, Leena Kela, Magda Korsinsky, Christina Kyriazidi, Cyrill Lachauer, Microclimax, Christoph Ndabananiye, Inês d’Orey, Soavina Ramaroson, Joris Vanpoucke, Michael Zheng


Additional Information

“Nomadic Settlers – Settled Nomads” – GROUP SHOW
Exhibition: July 2 – August 28, 2011
Mariannenplatz 2, (click here for map)


Blog entry and photos by Devon Atkins in Berlin; Wednesday, July 20, 2011.

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