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Sept. - Oct. issue bpigs cover by Witte Wartena Berlin Art Week, 2012Sept. – Oct. issue bpigs cover by Witte Wartena Berlin Art Week, 2012

Last week, Berlin’s independent gallery network and guide, bpigs, announced a new name and a new format for the 2-year old organization. Formerly named P I G S (Portugal Ireland Greece Spain), they’ve now “grown-up” into a new name, B I G s- Berlin Independents Guide.

With the name change, the publicaton’s primary mission remains: “to highlight the world of art from the artist’s (neglected) point of view”. Up to this point, bigs’ focus was to promote the legions of under-represented project spaces in the Berlin art scene. In it’s next chapter, the publication is now also accepting listings from interested galleries and art institutions.

There is only one condition: an Adopt a Project Space membership. The membership has a two-fold premium: not only does it ensure inclusion into the bigs listings, but the membership fee goes towards funding a low-budget project space which the gallery will support as a parent-institution. Each gallery can select the project of their choice to support, or receive consultation from the bigs team to assist them in finding the perfect partner.

With the next bigs issue circulating in over 10 000 copies, and its official media partnership with both abc and Preview Berlin, the incentive to adopt is obvious. The growing subscription list (currently at approximately 5000 members) runs bi-weekly and is always up-to-date on the week’s art events and current blog posts.

Additional Information

For more information about bigs, visit their online listings and blog:

For more information about the bigs membership and how to gain membership, visit the Adopt a Project Space homepage:


Blog entry by Evanna Folkenfolk in Berlin; Monday, August 20, 2012.