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Article by Lucia Love in New York // Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012

UNTITLED. art fair was the place to be during the busy week of Miami art fairs earlier this month. You may have thought it was the Miami Convention Center, or a Soho Beach House after party, or maybe even Scope. But if you were really a savvy viewer, we were probably hanging out together at the only fair you could find directly on the beach. After a morning of swimming and tanning in close proximity to stars who will remain nameless, my cadre of fabulosity strolled into the naturally lit UNTITLED. tent with sand still between our toes.

Every venue is characterized by its atmosphere, and this fledgling fair must have taken that into consideration to concoct a feeling of ease that has gone unmatched by any other location. Here are a couple of highlights from this experience (leaving out the out door seating area where you can have steak on the beach. I could write a whole review about that, but would have to leave it for the culinary magazines…)

Mike Hein has mastered the art of encapsulating found materials effortlessly in seamless plexiglass (most recently my heart). His whimsical combines on display at the beachside UNTITLED. art fair made ADA Gallery stand out as a humorous comment on reverence for the Art Object. On display were various sponges and chunks of foam core dredged from rivers, occasional household objects, a wrinkled carpet – with impeccable accompanying wrinkle in the plexi encasing. John Pollard, the Director of ADA mentioned as a side note that Mike had created a palm tree sprouting from a cardboard box that would have been a natural fit for Miami, but he refused to show it out of concern he may be blogged about in poor taste. “Maybe show the palm tree in Alaska!” – I say show it in my living room.

Saul Melman‘s work How You Hold Something Inside Matters is a poetic meditation on natural defense and sacrifice. Bricks were stacked up just to the side the dining area of the art fair (forgive me I always keep track of my proximity to the next meal…) in conjunction with the Skull Sessions installation. On first glance they are unassuming objects, but when one was picked up and placed in my hand, I was amazed by it’s weightlessness and compelled to find out what they were made of. “Oh, that’s made of horse skin.” – These bricks of skin speak of all living creature’s first line of natural defense against the elements, and the sacrifice of those who gave of themselves to create these objects. A big thanks to them for their extra defense, I’m not that generous, I’ll keep my skin where it is!


Additional Information

UNTITLED. is an exhibition format of cutting-edge contemporary art raised to the scale of a large international art fair. The aim is to offer collectors an alternative viewing experience from the traditional art fair. It is about creating a conversation and thereby offering collectors a sense of discovery, diversity, and quality with an international perspective.” – Omar Lopez-Chahoud, Artistic Director

UNTITLED. website:


Lucia Love is an nyc based multi media artist with an eye for the whimsical. Be on the look out for her weather reportage, paintings, sculptures, and musings at

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