Open Call: A Performance of 31 Days

by Alena Sokhan // Aug. 1, 2013

Berlin Art Link Blog - Month of Performance Art Berlin, may 2014

A call to all performance artists in Berlin to unite their creative powers in 31 consecutive days of performance art in the city. Month of Performance Art Berlin (MPA-B) is hoping to create a space in which the collaborative effort of independent artists can transform into a month long event as well as a lasting creative community. The event demands originality and radical thought: MPA-B is looking for contributors–referred to as Co-labourers–who will arrange indoor and outdoor performances, site specific interventions, talk, workshops, screenings, public encounters and interactions, dinners, durational and days-long actions and other projects which defy definition.

Co-labourers will be responsible for realizing their own performances during the month of May, 2014, though they can access the help of and work in collaboration with other artists. MPA-B is also interested in starting a dialogue and developing a network of performance artists in Berlin. For this reason, starting Sept 15, monthly meetings in preparation for the event will be hosted by different Co-labourers. The hosts will be responsible for determining the location and agenda for the meeting. Active involvement in the collective is necessary and the physical presence of all participants at these meeting crucial to the integrity of the project.

To apply, send an email describing your ideas and desires to: by August 31st, 2013

Additional Information

For more information about the application and event, please click here

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