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The New Berlin Painters “Exhibition 3” displayed works from artists Moritz Hoffman, Paul Vogeler and Eoin Llewellyn. As you walked into the Forum Factory’s hall, one immediately felt a harsh, unforgiving feel to the art works being displayed. Yet, we were intrigued and unable to stair away from suggestive paintings, works that struck yet somehow soothed your senses; as well as harsh images of figures perhaps criticizing social and political themes. The descriptions of the paintings were short. However, our minds were captivated.

Photo Blog // New Berlin Painters Eoin Llewelly – “father and son” (2011), oil on linen
Photo Blog // New Berlin Painters Eoin Llewelly


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Blog entry by Jennifer Florquin and photographs by Stephanie Third in Berlin; Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013.

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