Cuban Artist Rachel Valdés presents ‘Composición Infinita’ at ARCO 2016

Video by MONA productions, produced by Monica Salazar, filmed and edited by Peter Cairns in Madrid // Wednesday, Mar. 02, 2016

At this year’s ARCOmadrid, Galerie Crone Berlin showcased the work of seven young contemporary artists from Cuba. Poised at a historical turning point, the country has recently become more accessible to a wider international audience with the easing of the embargo. In this new political climate, Galerie Crone has stepped forward to provide a platform in Europe for emerging Cuban artists.

One of these artists, Rachel Valdés Camejo (1990, Havana), exhibited her dynamic piece ‘Composición Infinita’ at ARCOmadrid 2016. The synaesthetic installation is a playful confluence of projected, coloured light on the walls of a stainless steel, mirror-clad room. The environment created by Valdes has an effect of a repetitive, infinite space and provokes a range of responses. We spoke to the artist about her work at ARCOmadrid 2016 and one of its most crucial components: the public.

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