Announcement // ‘Reconnaissance’: Ingrid Burrington at NOME

Article by Julianne Cordray in Berlin // Friday, Sep. 09, 2016

Through aerial perspectives of sites representing political and technological modes of surveillance and control, Ingrid Burrington‘s large-scale lenticular prints are revealing in the details that evade capture, even through high-resolution photographic processes. NOME will present this recent photo series in ‘Reconnaissance’: the debut solo exhibition of Burrington’s work. As a writer, artist and researcher, her diverse activities are centered around the mapping and exploration of infrastructures of technology and power, and the examination of their geographies and systems of control. For this series, two distinct versions of a single location are presented. Taken from different points in time, the lenticulars describe shifts in the dynamics of a space—its developments and redactions—that emerge through its representation, which is just as unstable, though often at odds with its reality.


Ingrid Burrington: ‘Stennis Space Station (30.386088, -89.628402)’, 2015, Lenticular print, 100×100 cm

The notion of knowledge and control facilitated by panoramic views and the machine ‘eye’ is one that pervades the histories of optical technologies and infrastructural developments, and that persists through the contemporary mode of viewing on the screen. In the non-fixity of the lenticular images, which reveal shifts through digital alterations and composites, Burrington challenges the concept of power afforded to seeing from above. Her large-scale, high-resolution photographs instead indicate areas blurred and unarticulated due to censorship, or reworked and redressed through digital means such as filters—overlaying digital changes onto sites captured in the process of material, physical change. Through this layered, composite approach, Burrington illuminates the impossibility of a singular, all-seeing and all-knowing viewpoint.


Ingrid Burrington: ‘Lithia Springs (33.749734, -84.5870278)’, 2015, Lenticular print, 100×100 cm


Ingrid Burrington: ‘Reconnaissance’
Exhibition: Sep. 17–Nov. 11, 2016
Opening Reception: Sept. 16, 2016; 6pm
Dolziger Straße 31, 10247 Berlin, click here for map

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