Video // Anne Imhof’s ‘Faust’ at the 2017 Venice Biennale

Video by MONA productions, Produced by Monica Salazar, filmed by Peter Cairns and Talin Seigmann, edited by Dylan Gephart in Berlin // Monday, Sep. 25, 2017

German performance artist and choreographer Anne Imhof has been hailed over the last few years for her nightmarish durational performances, from last year’s ‘Angst’ at Hamburger Bahnhof to her current piece ‘Faust’ at the Venice Biennale. ‘Angst’ came as the result of Imhof’s 2015 Preis der Nationalgalerie win, while ‘Faust’ garnered the artist the Venice Biennale’s most lauded achievement, the Golden Lion award.

Imhof combines various production strategies from sculpture, drawing, painting, video and performance in her work. In her recent performance pieces, she addresses the rituals and secret semiotic systems of niche communities, exploring the darker sides of idleness and anxiety in contemporary youth culture. Her immersive environments, often generating fear-inducing images or tableaus, have been well-documented in the press and social media, despite the relative exclusivity of the performances’ live rendition. Berlin Art Link Productions filmed the opening preview of the German Pavilion this Spring in Venice. The 2017 Venice Biennale is ongoing until November 26th.

Exhibition Info

Anne Imhof: ‘Faust’
Exhibition: May 13 — Nov. 26, 2017
German Pavilion, Giardini della Biennale, Venice, click here for map

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