Virtual Viewing: Art to See Online Now

Due to Covid-19, many museums, cultural centres, universities and exhibitions remain closed. Therefore, our THE WEEK events section is supplemented here with a selected list of art exhibitions, festivals, films and publications that are available online. We will continually update this selection. If you know of any others that are not listed here, please share with us: info[at]


June 30 – Oct. 30, 2020
Claudia Chaseling is a German-Australian artist, currently living and working in Berlin and Canberra. Chaseling’s current exhibition ‘mutopia 5’ includes her Spatial Paintings, which are part of an intricate, well-researched commentary on radioactive contamination, from various institutions and decisions that make this nuclear chain possible, to the mutative effects it has on the living things it comes into contact with. For this exhibition, the Australian Embassy Berlin worked together with MOMENTUM in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their foundation in Sydney, Australia in 2010. You can see a virtual tour of the exhibition here.

June 2020 – Jan. 2021
Collective Practices was set to takeover ACUD MACHT NEU’s spaces to examine “collective practice” as it relates to artistic creation, cultural organizing and social coexistence across four thematic explorations. Due to COVID-19, the Collective Practices series of events have been restructured and have now moved from the physical to the digital space. With events popping up throughout the next months, you can already join a workshop series designing stories from the future, experience a monthly online music listening and discussion group, and listen to conversations expanding narratives of African & Black identities through an archive initiative.

Launch: Oct. 8, 2020
‘Bunch of Kunst in Quarantine // Paradox Paradise’ is a virtual exhibition curated by Tina Sauerländer and Mara-Johanna Kolmel, which turns its lens on artistic production in times of Corona. It poses the question of how visual art – in the context of social distancing, national demarcation, domestic retreat, economic downturn, rising nationalism and encompassing surveillance – can open up alternative paths for reflection, transformation and solidarity. The online group exhibition features work by Uli Ap (UK), Katharina Arndt (DE), Lara Verena Bellenghi (AT), Hannah Bohnen (DE), Marta de la Figuera (ESP), Ornella Fieres (DE), Bettina Funke (DE), Sabine Funke & Karlheinz Bux (DE), Fabian Hesse (DE) & Mitra Wakil (AFG), Helena Hunter (UK), Dorien Lantin (DE) & Robert Hecht (DE), Marie-Eve Levasseur (CAN/DE), Martina Menegon (IT/AT), Filippo Minelli (IT), Chiara Passa (IT), Agnese Sanvito (IT), Susan Supercharged (US/UK), Thomas Teurlai (FR), Miloš Trakilovic (BIH/NL).

berlinartlink bunch of kunst in quarantine

‘Bunch of Kunst in Quarantine’ installation view, Liminal Latitudes room // Courtesy of Tina Sauerländer


6×6 project is an online platform dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of artists’ moving image works. Founded by artist Mirelle Borra in 2017, 6×6 project draws inspiration from the alternative art space movement of the 1970s in New York by utilizing the ‘artists-selecting-artists’ model—six artists, each selecting another artist for inclusion on the platform, every six weeks.

The Akademie der Künste invites visitors to a 360-degree tour of their exhibition ‘John Heartfield – Photography Plus Dynamite,’ which shows the many facets of his art, ranging from book design and advertising to work for the political press, set design, photography and animated film.

The online section of Art Dubai’s Performance Programme—curated by Marina Fokidis and titled ‘ON(LINE) HEALING’—was intended as and remains a curatorial experiment on how to enlarge the “corporeal” – within the realm of contemporary art performance – in ways that go beyond any kind of physical restrictions. During these extraordinary times, with the online being humanity’s window to the world, On(line) Healing takes a new dimension. Selected artists Angelo Plessas, Bahar Noorizadeh, Imaad Majeed, Tabita Rezaire and Tiago Sant’Ana and have been invited to engage their bodies and minds, as well as diverse communities and viewers in rethinking society.

In its new virtual IBB video space, the Berlinische Galerie will show selected video works from the current program and from the collection of the Berlinische Galerie, including current IBB video space featured artist Gernot Wieland.

The Philharmonie is closed, so bring the concerts to your living room! You can redeem a voucher with the code BERLINPHIL to receive 30-day free access to all concerts and films in the Digital Concert Hal

‘KONTINUUM. Something between Archive and Project Space’ brings together artworks, videos, sounds and thoughts of artists and cultural workers on the topic of digitalization and isolation. The contributions submitted through an open call will be enhanced by selected positions and comments. This project creates an ever-expanding place to capture and reflect on this difficult time, to share our thoughts and feelings, to exchange ideas and to be there for each other. Together we want to create and experience this space. In addition there will be live events that will make it possible to experience art from home. Participants include Cynthia Montier and Mathieu Tremblin, Lucy Beall, George Nebieridze, 5.18 Magazine and many more.

Every day artist Emmanuel Bornstein is posting an image of a recent drawing alongside a text to his Instagram Story. Read cumulatively, the texts form a letter to ‘Potapov Vladimir, who is reciprocating the daily ritual.

The Cincinnati Art Museum offers several exhibitions online. Currently on view are: ‘Frida Kahlo: Photographic Portraits by Bernard Silberstein,’ ‘The Art Academy of Cincinnati and World War I,’ ‘Robert S. Duncanson,’ and ‘Rembrandt: Master Printmaker and Mementos of Affection.’

Since the fall of 2016, D’EST has formed a contemporary video art platform that maps out female* and collective positions that reflect the post-socialist transformation along post-geographic, horizontal, and feminist focus topics. Shaped by fifteen curators, the platform features forty-three video works, experimental films and documentaries, which open up artistic historiographies to be screened online and at different art institutions.

In a new podcast series, Beatrix Joyce considers how we can adapt the dance industry and performance practices to the digital realm, digging a little deeper into questions of dance and digitalisation. The first three episodes, featuring performance scholar Martina Ruhsam, poet Márió Z. Nemes, and curator Jacopo Lanteri, are now available.

Starting on April 8th, Gagosian highlights a single artist each week, unveiling a rich weave of editorial features every Wednesday—including videos, interviews, essays, artists’ playlists, and more—providing insights into artistic practice and process, inspirations and influences. Each Friday at 6am EDT, the gallery will present a single artwork exclusively on this page, making it available with pricing information for 48-hours only.

Garage Digital, an online platform launched by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow, currently hosts musician and artist James Ferraro’s exhibition ‘The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030–2100.’

Some of the most famous museums in the world now offer virtual reality tours of various current and past exhibitions via Google. Some our favorites include:

British Museum, London

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

MASP, São Paulo

Musée d’Orsay, Paris

National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

Pergamon Museum, Berlin

The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Hauser & Wirth has inaugurated their online viewing room with an exhibition of French American artist Louise Bourgeois. Drawing was a daily ritual throughout Bourgeois’s seven-decade career, used as a necessary tool to record and exorcise her memories and emotions. They are also showing several other exhibitions, including ‘Zoe Leonard: The ties that bind’ and ‘George Condo: Drawings for Distanced Figures.’

HAU has suspended its program until the end of the season 2019/2020. Instead, they’re offering the online programme #HAUonline presented on their YouTube Channel, including many upcoming performances, lectures and concerts. See the full program below.

Viktoria Binschtok: ‘Golden Horn & Golden Case’, 2017 // Courtesy of the artist and Klemm’s, Berlin

Henie Onstad streams exclusive and previously unpublished material of exceptional quality from its archives. In the form of digital concerts, the public will experience recordings, commissioned pieces and concerts with artists such as Ulver, Lindstrøm, When, and Moon Relay. In addition to this, there will be digital guided tours of the closed exhibitions ‘Picasso 347’ and ‘New Visions’.

In a special edition, the digital series ‘CC: World’, presented by HKW, deals with racism and violence in times of Sars-CoV-2. In what form does structural racism emerge in the crisis? What interactions are there between the Black Lives Matter movement and how the black US population is particularly affected by the corona pandemic? How is the pandemic affecting global protests? The contributors to the special edition of CC: World raise these and other questions in artistic video and text contributions, conversations and essays – and try to find personal answers to the global crisis.

In this podcast, Jerry Gogosian brings together voices from across the art world. The latest episode features renowned art critic Jerry Saltz.

In the coming months, videos and films from the Julia Stoschek Collection are being continually uploaded and made accessible online. Over 860 works by more than 255 artists are accompanied by explanatory texts about the works.

Grafisches Atelier Stankowski + Duschek, Markenzeichen der 1970er- bis 2000er-Jahre, Querformat // © Meike Gatermann und Stankowski-Stiftung / Zusammenstellung: Gerwin Schmidt, 2019

Kunstbibliothek Berlin has launched a 360-degree virtual tour of their current exhibition ‘Trade:Mark – Stankowski + Duschek Graphic Design Studio’. The exhibition is an exploration of the work of German graphic design studio Stankowski + Duschek, a pioneering firm in the field of communication design, who popularized logos, signage and corporate identity as early as the mid-20th century. The exhibition includes some 300 works covering the output of the Stankowski + Duschek design studio, through a broad spectrum of sketches, variations and executed designs, as well as printed matter ranging from advertisements to company typefaces, illustrating the working methods of a communication designer prior to the routine use of computers.

The virtual art events

M WOODS: ‘Art Is Still Here: A Hypothetical Show for a Closed Museum’ // Courtesy of M WOODS

Beijing museum, M WOODS, presents the online exhibition ‘Art Is Still Here: A Hypothetical Show for a Closed Museum,’ which will take place through the museum’s online platforms over several weeks. The exhibition is curated by Artistic Director and Chief Curator Victor Wang.

On the occasion of its 10thbirthday, MOMENTUM, the Global Platform for Time-based Art, is proud to present a selection of video works reflecting on life before and during COVID-19; the poetry of the day-to-day as it relates to the changing world we inhabit. With one country after another having closed their borders, and with social distancing continued to be measured in meters, countries, and continents, we are instructed to seek safety in seclusion from the world and from one another. So, like its medieval literary namesake, and with a defiant wink in the face of COVID-19, ‘COVIDecameron’ gathers together video works by 19 artists from 12 countries around the globe, for an exhibition online.

Berlin Art Link Berlin Art Spaces Momentum

Doug Fishbone: ‘Artificial Intelligence,’ 2018, part of ‘COVIDecameron’ at Momentum

The iconic Parisian museum offers virtual tours on its website. Visit the museum’s exhibition rooms and galleries and explore their collections, presenting a wide range of pieces from Antiquity, the decorative arts and more.

‘SEEN BY #14: Imprinted Matter: Reading Room Loading’ is part of the exhibition series Seen By, a joint project presented at the Museum für Fotografie and organized by the Kunstbibliothek, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin and the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). Its aim is to rethink curatorial and artistic strategies for working with contemporary photography. Here you will find a curated look into and digital preview of the publications of UdK artists and beyond about intersectional themes that were produced for the reading room. In this age, these zines, artists books, performative, and installation publications document themselves, raise their voices and reclaim space.

Malte Spindler: ‘Reading Room Curtain Intersectional Matter ‘ // © courtesy Malte Spindler

As part of its series of new digital initiatives, the New Museum presents ‘Bedtime Stories,’ a project initiated by the artist Maurizio Cattelan. Each participant has been asked to read a selection from their favorite book—a sentence, passage, chapter, or more—to be shared with the New Museum’s online audiences. The first week features bedtime stories from Iggy Pop, Tacita Dean, Abraham Cruzvillegas and Andra Ursuta.

Each day One Heart Berlin introduces one work of an artist whose exhibition has had to prematurely shutter, or a musician whose concert can no longer go ahead, providing a collective platform for the rich and diverse creative culture of Berlin.

The Paris Opera is putting its most beautiful shows from its archives online free of charge. From ‘Don Giovanni’ to ‘Swan Lake’ and ‘The Tales of Hoffmann,’ there are many great classics to see or rediscover from home.

Every Friday, Galerie Perrotin will release a selection of films that will remain available on their website throughout this time of unprecedented change and isolation. Perrotin Screenings invites the gallery’s represented artists to share rare video works, performances and documentaries.

Platform: New York is a viewing room featuring twelve New York-based galleries, hosted on David Zwirner Online. Participants in Platform: New York represent a cross-section of the city’s gallery community: 47 Canal, Bridget Donahue, Bureau, Company, David Lewis, Elijah Wheat Showroom, Essex Street, James Fuentes, JTT, Magenta Plains, Ramiken and Queer Thoughts. Each gallery will feature a focused presentation of works by a single artist. In some cases, galleries are presenting artists who were intended to be featured in Spring exhibitions or whose shows were cut short by this month’s closures. Among the artists included are Elaine Cameron-Weir, Josh Kline, Park McArthur and Keegan Monaghan.

The digital platform Prototype’s curated selection of new video work is accessible online. The website is curated and edited by Lauren Carroll Harris.

The symposium on conceptual art from Latin America ‘Rethinking Conceptualism: Avant-Garde, Activism and Politics in Latin American Art (1960s-1980s)’ was set to take place end of April 2020 in Berlin. The two-day symposium had to be postponed due to the outbreak of the corona virus disease (Covid-19) and will take place end of March 2021. Since May, they have organized a series of online events, in the form of workshops and online reading sessions, before the event takes place in its live version.

On Mondays and Fridays, Schinkel Pavillon is hosting a series of concerts, brought straight to your living room (bedroom, bathroom, or backyard!) via livestream. On Friday, April 10th, for example, baritone Dietrich Henschel and pianist Arno Waschk performed Beethoven’s ‘Gellert Songs’, Liszt’s ‘Petrarca songs’, and Wolf’s ‘Um Mitternacht, Karwoch, Wo find ich Trost’. Happy listening!

The Social Distancing Festival is an online artist’s community made to celebrate and showcase the work of the many artists around the world who have been affected by the need for social distancing that has come about due to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Photo by Lena Kunz

Nomadic project space Neue Berliner Räume’s ‘Stadtschreiber – Berlin in Pictures’ is an ongoing Instagram channel. It gives a platform to photographers to record their personal perspectives on the places, people and stories of Berlin.

Super Dakota gallery in Brussels has just launched a virtual Video Room on their website, which will feature a program of films, videos and digital arts each week (publishing one each week during lockdown). The program starts with the very much appropriate to the situation ‘Opera Calling 2007’ by !Mediengruppe Bitnik.

David Zwirner: Podcasts, Books, 2020 // Courtesy of the gallery

This free and accessible archive began in 1996 as a site focusing on visual and concrete poetry. But since then it has grown to include all things avant-garde on the internet, making available thousands of films and videos, as well as pieces of music and writing.

Video Art at Midnight Editions is an anthology of artists’ films
and installations. The latest, Edition No. 24, is a video work by Berlin-based artist Raphaela Vogel, entitled ‘Psychogräfin.’

Volksbühne in Berlin has moved much of its program online. Visit their website for a list of upcoming online programming, including Alexander Klüge’s web series ‘The Eye of the Dragonfly,’ presenting a new episode every Friday.

Galerie Tanja Wagner is exploring different formats on their website and social media, beginning with a section on the website called ‘Vidéothèque,’ which will feature three videos works, chosen by one artist. The works will be online for one week. First up: Anna Witt chooses three timely works which discuss the future of human connection and work.

David Zwirner announces a new podcast release schedule for ‘Dialogues: The David Zwirner Podcast’ and free access to excerpts from David Zwirner Books publications. The debut episode features artists Mamma Andersson and Jockum Nordström. Future episodes from season three include curator Helen Molesworth in conversation with artists Kahlil Joseph and Karon Davis; a discussion between photographer Tyler Mitchell and writer, curator, and cultural critic Antwaun Sargent; and a conversation with artist Luc Tuymans. David Zwirner will also expand digital access to David Zwirner Books publications, beginning by sharing individual letters from ‘Letters to a Young Painter’ by Rainer Maria Rilke