E-Werk Luckenwalde Launches Digital Conversation Series

Article by Judith Vallette // July 14, 2020

In just two days, E-Werk Luckenwalde is launching a digital conversation platform titled ‘The Artist as Consultant’ and featuring discussions on how to rebuild the art world. Starting with the many events and movements that have risen and continue to thrive in 2020, the series of conversations aims to structurally rethink our current top-down cultural system. As such, the guest speakers are invited to personally consult and hold cultural practitioners accountable for the deeply rooted hierarchies in the art world.

Berlin Art Link Announcement "The Artist as Consultant" online talk series at E-WERK Luckenwalde

Starting this Thursday, July 16, 2020, episodes will be released biweekly, each centering on an artist or a pair of artists who will weigh in on pertinent cultural issues of 2020. In addition to confronting issues like systemic racism and the worldwide pandemic, these episodes will also share in E-Werk’s mission and vision to work towards sustainability and autonomy. The first episode presents Harold Offeh and Michelle Williams Gamaker and is to be followed by episodes featuring Lucia Pietroiusti and Isabel Lewis (July 30), Yates Norton and Bik Van der Pol (August 13), Paul Maheke and Benoît Loiseau (August 27), Peles Empire and Anna Gritz (September 10) and Kira Freije and Stella Bottai (September 20).

Each episode will be made available to stream starting every Thursday at 6pm CEST via E-Werk’s website as well as their Instagram. The artists here take center stage alongside researchers, writers and thinkers with the hope of giving them an outlet to voice how we must change our cultural landscape.

Discussion Platform: ‘The Artist as Consultant’
Bi-Weekly Episodes: July 16–Sept. 10, 2020

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