Open Call for Exhibition ‘Still Here’ in Bratislava

Mar. 29, 2022

Contemporary art has the potential to give a voice to those who are silenced by the dominant narrative, offering alternative ways of thinking about historical events or traumas. It offers a useful tool to stimulate public dialogue in a performative and temporary way, while simultaneously having the potential to influence anti-authoritarian struggles. Yet during a time of social and economic hardship, contemporary art and artists are struggling more than ever. Covid-19 has accelerated existing trends, worsening the difficult financial situation facing many artists and hindering art’s ability to provide new narratives and shape public discourse.

The exhibition ‘Still Here’ wishes to point out the importance of contemporary art making in imagining a new positive future, in stimulating public dialogue and in healing our collective body. The exhibition simultaneously aims to raise questions such as: how can we imagine a more positive future beyond the reality of our current global experience through art? Can art imagine new social structures? Is a moment of crisis also an opportunity for us to change our perspective?

In cooperation with art theorist and curator Denisa Tomková, contemporary artists are invited to consider what new social arrangements might look like, what forms of a new collective body we can create, how we are all interconnected and interdependent, and what climatic ideas in art can be designed to bring amelioration efforts closer together.

The exhibition is aimed at individuals or groups in the field of the visual arts, photography, graphics, drawing, painting, object, installation, sculpture, textiles, video, digital media, design, film, performance, public art, social and participatory art, and architecture, with applications specifically encouraged from disadvantaged, marginalised or underprivileged groups, such as individuals with disabilities, recent migrants and refugees, people belonging to ethnic minorities, as well as LGBTQIA+ artists.

Selected artists are offered an exhibition space in the Old Town Gallery in Zichy Palace in Bratislava, a fee of €200, technical and curatorial support from the exhibition, the possibility to realise the accompanying programme of the exhibition, an interview with the curator to be published in the exhibition catalogue, as well as PR on social networks and the website PÄŤ & PÓL.

To apply, applicants should send one PDF containing a short bio, portfolio and a short description of previous or new works explaining how the theme and your artwork are linked to

Application Info
Deadline: Apr. 15, 2022

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