Christian Fogarolli: Uncovering the Stone of Madness

Article by Lucia Longhi // Jan. 04, 2018
Christian Fogarolli’s artistic practice has largely focused on archival research on the many different ways illnesses and mental disturbances have been cured in the past, and the social implications of these practices[read on]

‘Urban Explosion’ in the Pearl River Delta

Article by Isabelle Hore-Thorburn // Dec. 18, 2018
‘Urban Explosion’ is the first installment of the three part exhibition, ‘The D-Tale, Video Art from the Pearl River Delta’ now showing at the Times Art Center. The exhibition traces the PDR’s meteoric process of[read on]

Open Call for Luxembourg Residency with EIB

Article by Sofia Bergmann // Dec. 12, 2018
The European Investment Bank (EIB) Institute will select two visual artists to complete a project for its Artists Development Programme. The program will offer mentoring by artist Jorma Puranen as the artists develop their[read on]