ai weiwei

Blog Entry by Jeni Fulton – in Berlin; Tuesday, April 19, 2011.

A calm atmosphere reigned: people passed bags of sunflower seeds in homage to Weiweis current installation at the Tate Modern and waved posters. The protest was attended by leading figures of the Berlin arts scene including the curator of the Ethnological museum in Dahlem, and aroused a great deal of media attention.

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TEA CIRCLE: For Ai Wei Wei

Blog Entry by Anastasia Loginova – in Berlin; Saturday, April 16, 2011.

The international art world’s responce to the recent imprisonment of Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei has been strong. New York City’s Guggenheim has urged local museums to create a public petition for his freedom . The glass roof top of London’s Tate Modern reads “RELEASE AI WEI WEI” clearly, even from across the river. In Berlin the artists took to the streets. On Saturday, 9th April, they gathered outside the Chinese Embassy to make tea, not war.

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Blog Entry by Danielle Griffin – in Berlin; Saturday, April 16, 2011.

Once upon a time, a book in itself was a work of art. Prior to the invention of the printing press, books were produced by hand, often with intricate calligraphy and beautiful bindings. Mass production of books meant that written knowledge could become accessible to everyone, not just the elite.

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DIN BLINDE PASSAGER: Your Blind Passenger

Blog Entry by Clare Ros – in Copenhagen; Friday, April 15, 2011.

Last week I visited the Arken Museum outside of Copenhagen, Denmark to experience one of the latest works by Berlin-based Olafur Eliasson, “Din blinde passager (your blind passenger)“. Moving through the lengthy hall was a captivating experience as myself and other participants wandered into a fog…

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SHARE YOUR FOOD: A Holistic Approach

Blog Entry by Chloé Richard – in Berlin; Thursday, April 14, 2011.

The brainchild of Camila Soares, Tainá Guedes and Thomas Meyer, the idea of the event is to “invite you to share with us not only our table, but also something you believe could feed our body and soul, in order to make our world a better place. Out of these donations, made by all of you, our guests, a magazine will be printed.”

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TONIGHT: Poetry is Dead Magazine Launch

Blog Entry by Monica Salazar, Founding Director, Berlin Art Link – in Berlin; Wednesday, April 13, 2011.

Tonight, the third issue of the Poetry is Dead Magazine, a tri-annual poetry publication, will be launched at Mindpirates Vereinsheim (Kreuzberg).

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Blog Entry by Adam Roche – in Berlin; Tuesday, April 12, 2011.

Bentzen has produced a number of new drawings which will be displayed alongside a large, sight-specific wall piece. Her geometric shapes will also leak onto the gallery windows, heightening the sensation of being part of Bentzen’s surreal world.

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Shop // Interview with Miss Moss about Corsets

Miss Moss corsets linkle renaissance-costumes-5

Interview by Danielle Griffin in Berlin // April 9, 2011
Miss Moss has always found corsets alluring, and after her fashion design degree at university was finished, she went on to create her own line, aptly named Miss Moss Corsets. Naturally, as…[read on…]