Berlin Art Link Magazine

Berlin Art Link is a Berlin-based online magazine for contemporary art. Presenting studio visits, critical reviews, interviews and event listings, Berlin Art Link is the essential insiders’ guide to the international art scene. We focus on showcasing artists from around the world, both emerging and established, who are working across a range of artistic fields, giving insights into their work process. We hope to be a lens through which to focus on the wide-ranging contemporary art-scene, which has established an important international hub in Berlin. Browse through Berlin Art Link Magazine:

Artist Studio Visits

Our Artist Studio Visits are the lynchpin of Berlin Art Link, providing unique behind-the-scenes access to some of the world’s most exciting artists. Through in-depth articles that profile an artists’ whole practice, and photographs that beautifully document their working space, we are able to provide a more focused and personal account of an artist than is usually seen in online media.


Our feature articles canvas a broad range of topics relating to contemporary art. With a focus on a specific theme, our feature articles relate to topics relevant to art world discourse, from political, ecological or technological points of view. We also regularly feature interviews with important figures, from artists and curators to writers and film-makers. Our features are a significant archive of the contemporary scene, one that provides critical commentary and reflection.


Through concise daily posts, Berlin Art Link is able to provide an on-going overview of what is happening in the contemporary art-world. Our Discover section includes announcements, event previews and short exhibition reviews and interviews. It also includes our ‘Blink’ series, which focuses on the work of a single artist.


Our high-quality videos range from studio visits, to interviews, to event documentation. As an online magazine, we have the ability to present content in a range of ways and our videos provide a particularly unique perspective, allowing interviews to be more intimate, and studio visits to be more encompassing.


Through our weekly openings listing, Berlin Art Link provides a carefully curated overview of upcoming exhibitions, screenings, performances, festivals and events. In a city swarming with artistic activity, we are able to give art viewers a more concise and selective access-point into the broader Berlin art world.

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