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Highlights from Miami Art Week

Berlin Art Link Discover Miami Art Week

Photos by Anna Russ // Dec. 10, 2018
Every December much of the art world escapes colder climates in favor of Miami’s heat, and this year Berlin Art Link has followed suit[read on]

Announcement // Ry Rocklen Designs the Absolut Art Bar in Miami This Year

Berlin Art Link, Absolut, Ry Rocklen, "Second to None" (2011), trophies, trophy parts, wood Courtesy the artist

Blog post by Alison Hugill – in Berlin; Tuesday, Dec. 03, 2013.

Absolut is known for commissioning memorable pop-up art bar installations designed by contemporary artists for Art Basel events, that provide a full-sensory aesthetic experience including customized cocktail recipes. For Art Basel Miami this year they’ve collaborated with Los Angeles-based artist Ry Rocklen[read on…]

The Anxiety of Art

Art Basel Miami Beach VIP Desk line

Blog entry by Philomena Schurer Merckoll, Photos by Peter Cairns – in New York; Monday, Dec. 17, 2012.

Pop philosopher Alain de Botton talks of our modern day status anxiety, our concern of climbing not only the social ladder but the right one at that….[read on…]