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FASHION // Boutique – Where Art Meets Fashion

Article by April Dell – in Berlin; Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016.

An exhibition at Berlin’s Embassy of Finland is where art currently meets fashion, and the intersection is more political than aesthetically driven. Boutique is a touring exhibition originally shown in the Amos Anderson Art Museum in Helsinki[read on…]

Fashion // Alter Angle Shows Literal and Figurative Fringe Elements of Fashion

Blog post by AJ Kiyoizumi – in Berlin; Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014.

Fashion can be limited at times for its material and functionality requirements — after all, someone usually has to be able to wear it. But “Alter Angle” at SomoS Art House, coinciding with Berlin Fashion Week, works around the usual expectations of creativity in fashion. Instead of the flashy…[read on…]

The Week, July 4-10

Jens Hanke – “Box for an open mind“ (2011); collage on papier, 39×55 cm; Galerie Hunchentoot MONDAY, July 4, 2011 CLEOPATRA’S BERLIN “Amerika, América, Amerique!”- GROUP SHOW Opening Reception: Monday, July 4, 4-11 pm Kluckstraße 31 (click here for map) TUESDAY, July 5, 2011 BASED IN BERLIN “(Goodbye to) Manhatten” – KEN OKIISHI Film Screening:… Read more »