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Performance // Secret Garden Closing Performance at Emerson Gallery

Berlin Art Link // DELTA at Emerson Gallery

Blog post by AJ Kiyoizumi, photos by Emelie Flood – in Berlin; Saturday, Mar. 15, 2014.

The small space at Emerson Gallery held an intimate performance on Friday. It was intimate in that the space was personal and sparsely populated, but the performance itself can better be described as explicit, drawing aggressive contrasts between two different Secret Garden’s: one the classic…[read on…]

Exhibition // “048″ – Sofie Bird Møller

Berlin Art Link, Discover, Art Work by Sofie Bird Møller; photo by Emelie Flood

Blog post by AJ Kiyozumi & Photos by Emelie Flood – in Berlin; Monday, Feb. 24, 2014.

Sofie Bird Møller mixes and matches body language in her new show at Sassa Trülzsch. As with many of her previous street art “Intervention” pieces, the base layer for her art is found material like advertisements, and, as with some of her newer work, old clothes…[read on…]

PHOTO BLOG // A “One Night Stand” at KW

PHOTO BLOG // One Night Stand at KW

Blog post by Emelie Flood – in Berlin; Friday, Feb. 20, 2014.

The first evening of the One Night Stand series took place at KW Institute for Contemporary Art last Thursday. The project space NOTE ON presented Crampographies, a combination of performance and video art which reflected the potentiality of the cramp as a collective-singular collapse from a feminist and post-identitarian perspective…[read on…]

PHOTO BLOG // Berlin Graphic Days #3

Berlin Graphic Days

Blog post by Emelie Flood – in Berlin; Monday, Feb. 3, 2014.

For the third year in a row, Berlin Graphic Days, organized by Berlin Pieces, showcased a rotating selection of the best current illustration, street art & graffiti…[read on…]

Photo Blog // Sova Magazine 5 “The Non-Moralist”

Photo Blog // Sova Magazine 5 “The Non-Moralist”

Blog post by Emelie Flood and photos by Stephanie Third – in Berlin;  Friday, Nov. 8, 2013.

Sova Magazine had their “The Non Moralist“ release party and exhibition at Urban Spree and we were there to document it! Not only did we see selected artwork from artists Camilla Storgaard, Martin Petersen and Rita Lino, but we also listened to a reading Jovana Reisinger, browsed the magazine and watched the live performances. …[read on…]

Exhibition // Germany in Felt and Fat: the Works of Joseph Beuys

Article by Alena Sokhan – in Berlin; Tuesday, Sep. 24, 2013.

Recent visitors to the Hamburger Bahnhof will have noticed that the area to the left of the entrance, usually roped off and guarded, has unceremoniously though meaningfully been left open. This wing contains a collection of works by Joseph Beuys, including…[read on…]

Art Fair // Berliner Liste Highlights

Berlin Art Link Discover, Berliner Liste

Blog post by Jazmina Figueroa, photos by Emelie Flood – in Berlin; Friday, Sep. 20, 2013.

Now in it’s 10th year Berliner Liste opened this week with 131 exhibitors ranging from emerging self represented artists to lesser-known international and berlin based galleries….[read on…]

Spotlight // Julie Waldorff

by Emelie Flood // Aug. 20, 2013
Julie Waldorff’s upcoming photography exhibition will take place in and is a tribute to the iconic towers at either end of the Knippelbro Bridge, set across from the Inner Harbour of Copenhagen…[read on]

Event // Views from Berlin Film Society’s All-night Santa Sangre Event

Berlin Art Link BLOG - Berlin Film Society's Santa Sangre Screening

Blog post by Monica Salazar – in Berlin; Monday, Jul. 22, 2013.

On July 13th, the Berlin Film Society sent us into a sensational, carnivalesque night world flavored with the spirit and diversity of the city’s creative scene. A screening of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s cult circus thriller film, Santa Sangre (1989) set the tone, and was followed by the appearance of a mismatched and colorful troop of circus entertainers…[read on…]