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Photo Blog // Berlin Masters 2013

Blog post by Jessyca Hutchens and photographs by Stephanie Third – in Berlin; Wednesday, Sep. 11, 2013.

BERLIN MASTERS 2013 displays work by masters students from the University of the Arts and the Art Academy Berlin-Weissensee, and aims to draw greater attention to promising recent graduates…[read on…]

Exhibition // Accidental Accomplishments: Experiments with Space and Time.

Berlin Art Link article, Fabian Knecht, Institut für Raumexperimente

Article by Alexandra Borras – in Berlin; Tuesday, Jul. 23, 2013.

The opening at Institut für Raumexperimente presented a series of experiments by students who have participated in the last semester of Professor Olafur Eliasson´s class. The institute has a purpose to re-invent the educational strategies of art studies. Supported by the Einstein Foundation Berlin and affiliated with…[read on…]

A Leap of Faith: The Wand project space

"Leap" by Frank Eickhoff, Friedrich Herz & Fabian Knecht

Blog post by Leanne McClean & Evanna Folkenfolk – in Berlin; Tuesday, August 28, 2012.

You may have already noticed, but standing still gets you nowhere. In order to get past barriers in any aspect of life, we must necessarily move forward…[read on…]