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Winston Torr: A reversed genesis

Winston Torr

Blog post by Florence Reidenbach – in Berlin; Friday, May 31, 2013.

Societal Crucifixion, Winston Torr’s solo show opened on the 23rd of May and offers the opportunity to discover an impressive body of work. Torr became fascinated with newspapers. Their surface condenses…[read on…]

Transpositions at Heit

Berlin Art Link Discover, Marius Glauer at Heit

Blog post by Florence Reidenbach – in Berlin; Wednesday, May 22, 2013.

Gallery Heit’s new show “25.04.2014” opened in Mitte on the 25th of April. The title of the exhibition is supposedly transposing us exactly a year later, as if the show was suspended in time…[read on…]

Butterfly out of Eden: Texturing the immaterial

Blog post by Florence Reidenbach – in Berlin; Tuesday, March 19, 2012.

“Butterflies out of Eden”, the current group exhibition at Fellini Gallery, presents eight Paris-based female artists who have left their motherland of Korea to establish themselves in the country of the first ready-mades…[read on…]

THE WEEK, December 03 – 09, 2012

Monday, Dec. 03, 2012 ARTMENT-BERLIN “GYNAECEUM” – ALEXANDRA BAUMGARTNER, BEATRIZ CRESPO, SU LING GYR, FLORENCE REIDENBACH Exhibition: Dec. 03-09, 2012 Opening Hours: 2-6pm each day Meineke Straße 6 (click here for map) Wednesday, Dec. 05, 2012 NEUE NATIONALGALERIE “Die Büste der Nofretete” – HANS-PETER FELDMANN Exhibition: Dec. 06, 2012 – Jan 06, 2013 Opening Reception:… Read more »

GYNAECEUM: A week inside an intimate Space

Alexandra Baumgartner

Post by Monica Salazar – in Berlin; Thursday, Nov. 22, 2012.

GYNAECEUM, historically a place of domestic seclusion (some would say “shelter”) from the outside world for women (wives, daughters, slaves), also served as a platform where they shared their desires and intimacies, as well as where they talked amongst themselves in a language of their own.
In an investigation of the GYNAECEUM, four young women…[read on…]

Berlin-Island: a bridge between Berlin’s art scene and Sardinian artists

Ewa Surowiec - "Losing Sharpness" (2012), video still Holiday Island

Blog post Florence Reidenbach – in Berlin; Monday, April 2, 2012.

Berlin-Island is an art residency program for Sardinian artists in Berlin. The project was developed by the Sardisches Kulturzentrum in Berlin, and by the artist and curator, Giovanni Casu, in collaboration with the curator Giusy Sanna, and the residency program, Culturia.

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Vermibus hijacks the face of advertising

Blog post by Florence Reidenbach, photos by Laura Colomé – in Berlin; Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012.

You may have already seen in the streets or in the U Bahn stations of Berlin intriguing advertisments that are not as they seem. Berlin artist Vermibus regularly collects advertising posters from the streets, using them in his studio as the base material for his work.
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Good Weather after a bad summer; Sarah Illenberger at Gestalten

Blog entry by Florence Reidenbach – in Berlin; Thursday, September 15, 2011.

The show of Berlin-based artist Sarah Illenberger at Gestalten is timed to coincide with the release of her first monograph and provides an opportunity to see the artist’s meticulously hand-crafted 3D-illustrations, as well as some photographic prints…
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