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8 CLOUD. An installation by Carla Mercedes Hihn & Sebastian Zidek

Carla Mercedes Hihn and Sebastian Zidek - "8CLOUD", installation view

Blog post by Jeni Fulton – in Berlin; Sunday, Mar. 25, 2012.

Found windows, photographic fragments, fields of mark-making and an eerie soundtrack come together to a rather unsettling effect at Galerie im Turm. Artist Carla Mercedes Hihn has teemed up with composer Sebastian Zidek to create an installation which confronts the viewer with nebulous images and associations

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BMW Guggenheim retreats from its Kreuzberg hotspot

Informative meeting at Artitude about the BMW Guggenheim Lab; photo: Despina Stokou

Article by Jeni Fulton – in Berlin; Saturday, Mar. 24, 2012.

The BMW-sponsored Guggenheim „urban research“ lab found the Wrangelkiez area in Kreuzberg a little too hot for its liking. Citing police warnings regarding possible attacks with “Farbbeutel” (paint-filled bags) and rotten eggs, the mobile building skulked off to find another, less lefty-anarchist sodden area…[read on…]

I want to love you but I’m getting blown away. Carly Fischer at REH Kunst

Carly Fischer at REH Kunst; courtesy of the artist

Blog post by Jeni Fulton – in Berlin; Thrusday, Mar. 15, 2012.

Since moving to Berlin, how often have you heard someone say: „Berlin… the city is just so historic, so meaningful, so, you know…?” New Eckkneipes sport the ubiquitous Boxi flea-market chic, Plattenbauten are all of a sudden spots for destination-tourism, even such horrific GDR memento-moris as the watch-towers to imprison its citizens have become mere film-set props.
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Allison Fall

Berlin Art Link studio visit with Allison Fall
by Jeni Fulton // Feb. 13, 2012
Allison Fall’s studio is an extension of the kitchen, the closet, and recently, the bedroom. Her studio is intimately tied to her performative practice, a space…[read on]

My art is driven by crisis – Christian Jankowski

Article by Jeni Fulton in Berlin // Jan. 16, 2012
Can an artist dictate the terms of social collaboration, or does he remain a recording device for situations he himself initiates? The Berlin-based artist Christian Jankowski asks this question repeatedly…[read on…]

Out of the black – Raumerweiterungshalle Berlin

Out of the black; REH Kunst

Article by Jeni Fulton – in Berlin; Sunday, Jan. 15, 2012.

Out of the black is a truly unusual exhibition. Rather than simply showing a series of well-chosen works, curator Lauren Reid’s first solo Berlin exhibition takes apart the medium of video.

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Hoard anything you can’t download!
A conversation with Douglas Coupland on the contemporary psyche 20 years after Generation X.

Article by Jeni Fulton – in Berlin; Tuesday, Sep. 27, 2011.

Cult author Douglas Coupland is showing a selection of digital collages at Werkraum Berlin, a Prenzlauer Berg project space. In conversation, Coupland is affable, riffing on global developments since the publication of his era-defining text Generation X, and how the contemporary psyche is defined through its addiction to connection…[read on…]