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Exhibition // Hito Steyerl In Many Places at Once, Including KOW Gallery

Blog post by Alena Sokhan – in Berlin; Friday, Sep. 18, 2015.

A funny thing happened to me the day I went to Hito Steyerl’s opening at KOW Gallery on Wednesday, Sept. 16. Around midday I was walking past Museum Island, where there was a large number of work crews and trucks, as if a film was being shot. Along my way I found …[read on…]

THE WEEK June 22–28, 2015

Tuesday, Jun. 23, 2015 HAUS DER KULTUREN DER WELT “Les Rencontres Internationales – New Cinema and Contemporary Art” Exhibition: Jun. 23 – 28, 2015 Opening: Tuesday, Jun. 23; 8pm John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10 (click here for map) EMBASSY OF MEXICO, BERLIN “Hidden” – BEATRIZ MORALES Exhibition: Jun. 1 – 25, 2015 Finissage: Tuesday, Jun. 23; 7pm Klingelhöferstrasse… Read more »

Gallery Weekend // The Mitte Walkabout

Berlin Art Link Gallery Weekend Review Ngorongoro exhibition

Article by Alena Sokhan – in Berlin; Wednesday, May. 06, 2015.

My walk through the galleries in Mitte began promptly at 6 pm, Friday evening, when I had anticipated most galleries would open. Even from a distance, as I walked up to Sprüth Magers I recognized the lump of well dressed people milling about on the sidewalk, the familiar beacon of…[read on…]

Exhibition // Zombie Speech: Russian Collective Chto Delat Reanimated

Berlin Art Link Review of Chto Delat's exhibition at KOW Gallery

Article by Alena Sokhan – in Berlin; Wednesday, Mar. 11, 2015.

Chto Delat is an activist Russian collective that is aware of their social responsibility as artists, making engaged, accessible political statements with a particular magical realism. They focus on installations, performance art, participatory theater, murals and film for political expression and…[read on…]