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FASHION // An Interview with Tigran Avetisyan

Interview by TL Andrews – in Berlin; Friday, Jan. 08, 2016.

The fashion world is not exactly known for its profound reflections on the human condition. Most of the industry can at best be described as superficial, exploitative of women, and destructive to the environment and workers in developing countries. There are, however, a few voices crying out in the wilderness, drawing attention to…[read on…]

Sara Rahbar

by Monica Salazar // Nov. 15, 2011
Sara Rahbar, a mixed media artist based in New York, hails originally from Tehran, Iran. In 1981, a 5 year-old Rahbar fled with her family, travelling for over seven…[read on]

The State of Berlin offering stipends for artists to work abroad

Blog entry by Nico Andersson – in Berlin; Saturday, July 30, 2011.

Artists that have been based in Berlin for 3 years or more are now being offered the opportunity to be inspired by living in a new culture, with funding from the state. The list of destinations to apply for are located in various international countries including Asia, Europe and the U.S.A. Application for this unique creative opportuniy is open to artists in the fine arts, video or photography field.

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