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Exhibition // transmediale Capture All: Disengagement or Acceleration?


Article by Natasha Klimenko – in Berlin; Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015.

“Track sleep. Track steps. Track habits.” – So begins the promotional video for this year’s transmediale, themed “Capture All”. Intimating an invasion, collection, and configuration of basic patterns and functions, the theme initially purports a fixation on human activity and an overabundance of whichever qualities it takes to be and predict what is human…[read on…]

Berlin Film Society Launches ‘Documentary Donnerstag’ Series

Blog post by Natasha Klimenko – in Berlin; Tuesday, March 26, 2013.

In our media dominated world it’s normal to be familiar with noise. It’s not the noise of Sonic Youth or the loud sound of the streets, but the noise produced by the huge amount of information we exchange every day. Transmitting data there is sometimes a failure in the process, which can be…[read on…]

Konstantino Dregos

Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Konstantino Dregos
by Natasha Klimenko // Feb. 19, 2013
Tucked away on an unsuspecting street in Wedding are the windows of what appears to be a shop in disuse. Behind their half-closed blinds lies a small working space. The pleasant…[read on]

transmediale 2013 (BWPWAP) Events Listing

Blog entry by Natasha Klimenko – in Berlin; Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013

Back when Pluto was a planet, cellphones didn’t fit into your pocket, and the internet was a joke on Seinfeld… How long ago was that? In preparation of the transmediale 2013 and in lieu of seeing the future, we’ve created a go-to guide of the events, screenings, performances, and presentations which stand out for us…[read on…]

BWPWAP: Interview with transmediale’s Jacob Lillemose & Kristoffer Gansing

Interview by Natasha Klimenko – in Berlin; Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013.

It’s that time again! The annual Berlin-based festival, the transmediale, is just around the corner! Focusing on presenting new media works that question the relations between technology, art, and society, the festival returns with the theme of Back When Pluto Was a Planet (BWPWAP)…[read on…]

reSource 003: P2P Vorspiel

Blog entry by Natasha Klimenko – in Berlin; Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013

reSource, a transmedial culture framework, is putting on a pre-festival festival, P2P Vorspiel, spanning January 24th – January 27th. This collections of events, featuring experimental arts, sound, and music performances, exhibitions, panel discussions, and artists talks…[read on…]

David Button

Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with David Button
by Natasha Klimenko // Dec. 11, 2012
Following the flow of the Spree river, the urban landscape of Berlin transforms in the East of the city, growing desolate and industrial. Formerly a German bathhouse…[read on]

Art in India, an Interview with Diana Campbell

Berlin Art Link, Creative India

Interview by Natasha Klimenko – in Berlin; Monday, Nov. 26, 2012.

Obstacles stand in the way of sculptural production in India: lack of funding, class divisions in exhibition spaces, difficulties experienced by artists in obtaining documentation to go abroad. The Creative India Foundation, established in 2010 for the purpose of supporting art, artists, and the art scene in the country, is currently developing a large-scale sculpture park… [read on…]

Joel Sternfeld Retrospective: America in Colour

Article by Natasha Klimenko – in Berlin; Thursday, Nov. 22, 2012.

The washed out yellows and blues of barren deserts, the greying beige of airports and parking lots, electric spandex and torn cotton, empty streets and populated swimming pools. Linguistically, they are sentence fragments. Visually, they are photographs, spanning a time frame of almost four decades of America – America captured and portrayed in colour, in crime, in space, natural and built…[read on…]

Voids, Points, Particles — Appearance and erasure

Article by Natasha Klimenko – in Berlin; Thursday, Nov. 08, 2012.

The space is clean and white, minimally dressed. Seemingly empty frames hang on one of the walls. A black circle is drawn on each pane of glass. Initially, the purpose of the marking is unclear. Is it the price of the frame? A careless scribble? But at the center of the circle, rising to the surface of perception, is a miniscule speck…[read on…]

Humanity in Fashion Award: Competition for young, sustainable designers!

Blog entry by Natasha Klimenko – in Berlin; Thursday, Nov. 08, 2012.

hessnatur, Germany’s largest natural clothing brand and one of the pioneers of the global organic fashion movement, is currently inviting young, up-and-coming designers to apply for the fourth Humanity in Fashion Award—-presented to innovative ideas in sustainable fashion design….[read on…]